My Silly Idea Of Freedom

I believe that taking the responsibility of all the things happening in my life is what people call 'freedom'.

It's difficult to find the right words for it, but I try anyway. I have thought about this a lot, mainly because people usually don't explain what the word 'freedom' means, so I had to define that myself.

To me that word has very little to do that one could do whatever he wants. Is such a thing even good for anyone? Just the existence of some sort of society, or even family makes such a thing impossible. Since freedom is something humans seem to want, it can't be a completely lonely existence in which one can behave irresponsibly.

So, humans need rules. Rules to restrict them and their life. Can freedom and rules coexist peacefully? I believe so, if the human understand and can accept the rule he is under. If we take the rules to heart, do they restrict us anymore? It's just a consequence, a similar to burning one's finger in the fire. Taking the responsibility won't stop you from robbing the bank, but it includes the thought that you now very well what you are doing and will face what will come after. In other words, take responsibility of what you did.

Blaming for other people or circumstances about things that have gone wrong is a completely natural defense mechanism. If the truth is what we are looking for, all of the situations are unique, and it can't be said in general how much of people's mistakes are their own fault. But the fault is not what I'm interested in, it's the responsibility. Acceptance, if you will. The attitude of looking into the future instead of the past, and an earnest desire to fix things or face the aftermath head held high, whether it will be thanks or punishment. Even when you have to take reaponsibility of something that someone else did.

This worldview probably doesn't help anyone in reaching happiness, because it means not being able to put the blame on anyone else. It may feel illogical as well, at some points. When a relationship fails, someone punches you to the face, there should be always something you did or didn't do. I can't accept the idea wholly, just because my mind struggles against it. Still, the small parts I accept of my own theory... It feels overwhelming sometimes, trying to just stay calm and not to get angry, trying to correct the things that still can be corrected and apologize.

I doubt there can be anyone who can do this, but to me it just means that no one can be truly free. It's my ideal anyway, and I live it at my own level.

I don't even know does it make any sense... very possible that it doesn't.
Fearofsilence Fearofsilence
18-21, F
Aug 10, 2010