Nostalgia For Things That Haven't Happened Yet

I can explain it best from a dream I had many years ago.


I am walking on a slightly worn path next to a stone wall. It is a beautiful day but I don’t really pay much attention to that. I’m not sure from where I came and I don’t know where the path is going either.


At one point the path splits and in front of me on the right it widens into a road and now people are zipping by me on their way onto that road. Instead of taking the road I make a decision to take the other way to the left and continue on the small path next to the stone wall. For some reason I know that it is an important moment and a bit of uneasiness and melancholy washes over me.


In the distance, past the wall, I see dessert mountains and the sight of them and the feeling it invokes is so powerful – longing, and something else that I can only describe as the feeling of nostalgia for things that haven’t happened yet.


For some reason I cannot stop and I keep following the path next to the wall. In my dream I’m well aware that I have neither taken the path that most others are taking and at the same time was not able to break off the path that I was on and go towards the mountains that so pulled me.


After a while I see the path that I’m on has made a long loop back to where my dream started. I hear people behind me and right before my dream ends I have a sense that where I’m headed will never change.

seismicunloc seismicunloc
36-40, M
Feb 9, 2009