Not A Good Idea

It is not a good idea to retire for a couple of years and then go back and think things will be the same, things are not the same. I've changed, that time and that vocation is so over for me.
hillbillycrone hillbillycrone 51-55, F 3 Responses Jun 17, 2012

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We do change when we move on. On rare occasions I've stopped by my old office to say "hi" to some of my co-workers, but I'm very glad I'm no longer in the work force. When I retired I told my boss, "I'm not burned out, but now and then I can smell smoke."

If your situation is such that you need to be employed, seek work in an unrelated field if at all possible.

oh no~ i take it that it isn't going so well?

~bless your heart!~

It was nuts, I mean nuts.... I am not up to that stuff any longer! Watch for your package tomorrow....Hugs xoxoxo

i am very excited and eagerly waiting. you are so good to me!
~love and hugs~