Most People Are Rich and Don't Know It

Becoming rich was as enjoyable as being rich, but being rich is not a big deal. There are bigger dreams than riches. Becoming rich was just a step i needed to take to realize my true dreams.

Matua Matua
26-30, M
8 Responses Feb 9, 2008

Excellent! Who needs a sugar baby? (No really, I am hot I have been told).

I fear I've made the mistake of not going after the money with my degrees, but in the end I know that my time and effort I've put into my nonprofit work - while causing me financial woe, is ultimately where my talents are best used.<br />
How do I continue to serve my nonprofits and not starve? You seem to know the answers here - feel free to counsel me. Thanks.

Free Cash!!<br />
<br />

one simple great idea=$$$

so share some wisdom with us..

financial freedom is cool. but having the money to fund my dreams is even better! when i combined the two, thats when it all changed. Thats when i became wealthy. Its amazing how many ways a person can become wealthy.

I've been out of work for about six years, and am very scared to go back. Financial freedom would be great!

What is your job? If it's not too rude of me to ask.