I'm completely right brained and can remember words and pictures.  I can recite sonnets word for word that I read 10 years ago.However , when it comes to math and mechanics , I'm an idiot.

I'm a veritable cornucopia of worthless information, except for geography and bioscience.

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Ah, the luckiest way to be. For many things I am the same. I don't need left-handed scissors. I bat right. I can shoot pool both ways (not terribly good at it either way), but shoot a shotgun left only, and I am left eye dominant. If bowling were my game I'd throw the ball with my right. As for my talents, I'm a right brainer all the way, other than that I'm musically inept. I've got an eye for patterns and create all my beaded jewelry. I'm also a woodcarver, so I am constantly looking closely at people's faces, studying the features and thinking about how to duplicate them in the wood. <br />
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So I guess I'm mostly right brain intelligent. But I am also a very analytical person too, always thinking about situational issues and possible outcomes.

Ditto. There's a great book called 'The Power of Your Other Hand' and it's about enhancing your creativity by using your left hand to write or draw. The premise is that your right brain controls you left side and vice versa, and that the right side of the brain is where our emotions, intuition, and creativity originate. The left brain is where logical, linear thinking is housed. An online fellow woodcarver suffered a brain injury in an accident, and still carves beautifully; however, he sometimes can't manage the simplest task such as making change for a purchase. It was the left side of his brain that was damaged.<br />
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A simple excercise from the book suggests practicing your handwriting by first writing an introspection with your right hand, and then responding with your left. Or draw, on a sheet of paper that's taped down, an abstract design by holding a pencil in each hand. Try to make either mirrored or twin images.<br />
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Each side of the brain carries its own aspects of intelligence. The trick is to let them tell you which of your special talents you should cultivate.

Well, math isn't all it is cracked up to be, anyway. I think you are a very intelligent creature, with an amazing power to love and be gentle-that is a rare gift. That is the supreme intelligence-what are buildings without LOVE? Empty spaces.