It's Almost a Little Scary Sometimes

All my life I have been smart. My mother stopped being able to win arguments with me when I was four. I have a memory that borders on eidetic, and I process information extraordinarily quickly. If people I know want to know a random fact, or  need something explained, they call me.  I read voraciously and have taught myself most of everything that I know. If i need a skill, I figure it out. Not many things are difficult for me, with the exception of music.
It's very cool, certainly, and I am very glad that I have those abilities, however, the end result is that I am not observant at all, because if I am observant, I am too observant, if that makes sense. It's as if, when I make a point of noticing something, chances are, I will remember it, and if I remember it, I will remember it forever. And it's like all this information is being processed inside of my head and I can't make it stop, so I simply tune most things out. Not in an autistic way or anything, but I seem like the least observant person in the world.
A friend will get a haircut or paint their house and three months later, I'll be like "hey, wait, is something different?"
Or I'll notice something, and ask if it's new and they'll be like "that's been there for years". oh.
It sometimes feels like I am an idiot who happens to know a whole lot about pretty much everything. It's very weird.
trickyninja trickyninja
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2 Responses Jul 19, 2007

hey ime even scarier,as i actually possess musical ability.

How fascinating! It sounds very much like a two edged sword at times, if your hyperactive mind can intrude into your peace of mind. Is there a problem with remembering everything though? I'm sure you've done enough research into to the topic to know it's extraordinary unlikely you'll ever run out of brain space :P Or is it the lack of indexing capacity? There's a lot of interesting stuff out there written by/about other people who have had similiar memory-related abilities.