Same Old Song and Dance

yes, i'm right-handed, just like many other people. i've actually always wanted to be left-handed, though. the thing that's cool about being a lefty is that it's unique, it's not as common. right-handedness is far less interesting. i've actually taught myself to do a lot of things left-handed over the years. it came in especially handy when i had three broken fingers on my right hand. i'd already given myself enough practice so i was able to be a decent lefty for a while. i can't write especially well with my left hand, but come to think of it, i don't write especially well with my right hand either!

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2 Responses Jul 7, 2008

Being a lefty is really hard. i am a person who writes with my left hand. just think about when you drive, you switch the gears with your right hand. it is really hard to be a lefty, i would give anything to be a right-handed person. and when you write on a piece of paper, al of your words get smeard becaus your hand rubs against them.

I agree with you about the "coolness" of being lefthanded. <br />
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I am a teacher and notice that the interesting kids are lefties. Maybe not the smartest, or even the quckest - but certainly the most interesting.<br />
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Also, I am lefthanded and the night before my son was born I prayed to God that he have ten fingers and ten toes - and if being left handed was possible that would be great too. Guess what? My son is healthy and left handed.<br />
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Lastly, I believe "lefties" have a distinct advantage in sports. It is not uncommon to see a "leftie" win a competiton.