But I Always Wanted to Be Left-handed..

and so I also learned how to write with my left hand ;)
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4 Responses May 31, 2007

ME <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< only person I know wht post to deleted stories and comments.

The right side of the body is controlled by the left side of the brain....... Left side of body is controlled by right side of the brain............... SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Left handed people are the only people in their RIGHT MIND!!!

i've always wanted to write with my left hand too, even attempted to write with it. it's definitely not as nice looking as when i write with my right hand but say, if i lost it in a crazy shark attack then i think i'd be able to get by. very...slowly...

I learned to write with my left as well. Being a juggler made it a little easier. Once i saw this crazy librarian lady that could write with both hands simultaneously. She could write mirror images of what she was writing with one hand. Try it it's such a strange feeling.