I Am Not A Right Wing Fascist Creep

   The title of this post is faulty in that fascism is a product of the extreme left.  This probably won't be a very long post because I simply want to make a point.  People here, including myself have engaged in discussions as to whether the right or the left, politically speaking, has the best interest of this nation in mind.  Who would be more likely to keep this country strong and economically sound.  I think it's great that we have liberals and conservatives, the best possible scenario would be for us to meet in the middle with legislation having the best of both sides as it's base.. I would hope to think that we are like brothers that argue, we are at each others throats constantly, but we have each others back when comes down to brass tacks.
   I want , smaller government, secure borders, a strong national defense, legalized marijuana, as well as the elimination of some other ridiculous laws.
Here's where I think I probably begin to raise eyebrows.  I think that if we don't stand with Israel, we bring a curse on ourselves.  I believe that "twelvers"  and extremists of all sorts are a clear and present danger.  I despise socialism, and the steps that I feel this administration has taken towards it. I believe in the true seperation of church and state as our founding fathers intended.  I believe in the right to bear arms, and hunting as long as the game isn't wasted,. I believe that a violation of the constitution is just that,-a violation. I do not believe that the constitution can ever be in any way obsolete.
   I have said I hate extremism of all sorts.  That means right wing, left wing, and religious.  As a conservative libertarian, I believe that right wing extremists are just as much a blight, as left wing extremists, if not more so because of their tendency towards the formation of militias*(to over throw the government or engage in a race war), bigotry, and a possible desire to enslave the weaker among us.
   If I were to write everything I believe this would be too long and probably very boring.
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Do you see Fascism as truly beginning with Stalin or do you recognize Bonaparte as the first Fascist?
Technically speaking it's impossible for a Right Wing American to be Fascist... considering Fascism is specifically anti-American.

Like I said in a more recent post. Right and left are both wings on the same bird, and neither one is as bad or good as we always tend to make it out to be.

Ya, the big, bad government, controlling our lives.... If only we listened to republicans all the time, things would be different. Different as in No Social Security, No Medicare, No Medicaid, No Civil Rights, No unemployment insurance, No FMLA, No FDA, No labels of ingredients on foods, No consumer protections in any field, No environmental protections, and thanks to their righteous stand against Obamacare, we'd welcome back children with pre-existing conditions dying because they are unable to get health insurance... sounds like paradise, right?<br />
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Yay Conservative/Libertarian/Republican views!

Vendetta, I said that the administration was taking steps toward socialism. Bigger central government and more control over our everyday lives.<br />
(I guess I lied when I said I was going to quit discussing politics. Shame on me.)

Good grief, Obama is a moderate, to the point that on some issues he's center right, so please stop with the socialism lie. Obama is no socialist, that much is dreadfully obvious. What, in your mind, makes him socialist? Healthcare reform? Obamacare is essentially a huge moneymaking mechanism for the healthcare industry, so I wonder why Republicans think it's socialist. You're forced to buy insurance from private insurance companies, and the only involvement of the big bad government you guys are so terrified of is that government has stepped in and stopped the worst abuses of the insurance agency. What is it about killing people with pre-existing conditions that gets Republicans so excited? <br />
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What makes him socialist? Please don't give the Joe the Plumber/Fox News talking point of Obama "spreading the wealth around". You do understand how timid Obama's tax rate proposals were, right? You do understand that Obama eventually caved last month and embraced the Bush tax cuts? <br />
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I don't get it, this false accusation of Obama being socialist. It makes zero sense. Bernie Sanders is a socialist, and he filibustered Obama's tax cuts (can't call them Bush tax cuts anymore, they're now the Obama tax cuts). He filibustered for 8 hours, and if you paid attention to that, you'd see the vast gulf between Obama's centrist positions and Bernie's socialist positions. <br />
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Please explain.

It's old in fact it's ancient in internet years but I saw this and I thought it was well said so I'll go ahead and reply to it... which should be about the internet equivalent of responding to one of Zeno's Paradoxes.

There's not simply Capitalism on one side and Socialism on the other, there are different varieties of Socialism and Capitalism, in Ayn Rand's novel "Atlas Shrugged" the United States at no part of the book stopped being Capitalist. And while America champions itself as being Laissez faire, it is not.
Not has there ever been unattended Laissez faire capitalism. In any country. Both Obama's mother and father had Socialist leanings as I understand them, and he is indeed putting benefits towards the rich few who have benefited from his bailouts and Obamacare.
That doesn't help Capitalism, it means that a government agency is providing services to an elect group of people and oppressing others by violence.
Which is the only thing Government is anyway. Violence. You point it at something you're afraid of and hope it doesn't hurt anyone else.
Who benefits from this? The hardest workers? The best employees? The best leaders? No. Just people who might be useful to the government.

Licketysplit, having read a lot of your comments, I will take that as a compliment. Thank you.

Hey Puck -- I see you and I are soul brothers or something because it is uncanny how similar our views are. I too claim to be a conservative libertarian and agree with every point you made here and most every one I have seen you make elsewhere on EP.<br />
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Masterkosh -- Believe it or not, the extremists are a small minority and they are not the problem. The problem is the incredible apathy and lack of involvement by so many of our moderate fellow citizens. They were not taught the history of our nation, nor were they taught about our Government, and they don't care enough to take it upon themselves to learn. Because they don't understand how our Government works, they feel powerless, so they do nothing. Whenever even a small number of those moderates and independents decide to act, things happen. Its how Ronald Reagan was elected and it is how Barrack Obama was elected (although I fear that was a horrible mistake).<br />
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There are plenty of people in the political middle, but they lack passion and fail to act as a result of their apathy.

I appreciate the comment, although I'm a little late saying that.

I hate extremism as well puck61. I find you balanced and fair (not a ref. to fox news... you're far from it).<br />
Your opinions have a conservative flair but in your responses to questions you have exhibited a sense of honest and contemplative approach to the subject. That means you try to be respectful and willing to listen to the other point of view even if you disagree. I believe that if there were as many people as you in this country plus as many from the other side of the political spectrum (moderates in general) we would be in far greater position compared to now.