You are Righteous

You are right with God therefore you can enjoy the blessings of God - peace, health, wealth, a good family and all the best things in your life. Today when God sees you, He sees you righteous. He does not see your faults, what you did wrong and he does not remember your past and what you used to be!

The justice of Daddy God is on your side  - not against you and today he cannot punish you for what you do wrong, or for the things that You don't do right. Today he is legally bound to bless you.  

You know why? Somebody totally sinless - was punished in your place for whatever wrong you did. He did not deserve to be punished. But he was. Similarly, you may not deserve to be blessed. But you are.  Jesus was made sin on the cross, that you might become the righteousness of God in Him.

Righteousness is such a powerful thing. It is like a magic coat and whoever wears it, attracts good things in life -  like money, health, nice friends and favour and every good thing that you can think of. We never had that before because Adam sinned, we all human beings are doomed to sin, sickness and death. It is universal, as we all know.  Jesus had the coat of righteousness because he was sinless and perfect. Everywhere he went, he was a blessing. He healed the sick, made fishermen rich and enjoyed a good life, because he was righteous.

The good news is, He wanted us to have the best life also. So, he did something wonderful. On the cross, he took all our sins and curse that came because of Adam's sin. And he transferred his righteousness to our account. God treated him as the worst sinner on the cross because he was carrying the world's sins (including yours).

You may think, thats nice..but my life is in a mess and I cannot say that I am blessed. I am far from blessed. Sometimes, when we have something but dont know that we have it, it is equal to not having it. You may have kept some money in our purse, in the hidden compartment and then forget all about it. Few months down the line, lets say you are shopping and you spot your favourite dress on sale and you desperately want to buy it..But Alas, you dont have the money for it, so finally you dont buy it. In this case, your forgetting about the money in the hidden compartment of your purse deprived you of buying it. It was there all the while and it was yours but because you did not know about it..or forgot was as good as not having it. Similarly, when we forget the fact that we are righteous before God or we dont know it or we don't want to believe it, We are not able to experience the blessings that a righteous person can have.

Today, You might not be perfect in all you do. But God treats you as a righteous person because Jesus gave you his righteousness and the blood of Jesus has given you every right to healed, happy, rich and enjoy life! Always remember that you are wearing the robe of righteousness and expect good things to happen because you have a blood-bought right to be righteous!

 I am covered over with the robes of righteousness that Jesus gives to me.

I am covered over with the precious blood of Jesus and he lives in me.

Oh what joy it is to know my Heavenly Father loves me so he gives to me, My Jesus,

When he looks at me, he sees not what I used to be but he sees Jesus!

GodsBeloved GodsBeloved
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8 Responses May 1, 2009

We need to always be conscious that our past, present and future sins are forgiven and that we are righteous because of Jesus.<br />
<br />
And we need to constantly remind ourselves of that fact - especially when we fail. When we feel like kicking ourselves when we blow it, thats the time to receive God's love and forgiveness afresh and move on. <br />
<br />
Cos when we fail, we do not lose our standing with God, we are still God's beloved. God's beloved who failed...but nonetheless still his beloved! <br />
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When you feel like punishing yourself for the things you did, see the cross and see Jesus punished for that wrongdoing. That will definitely make you feel better and move on without punishing yourself once more..cos he already was punished so that we can enjoy life even though we might not deserve to..

GodsBeloved, I very much enjoyed your post and its message is very comforting. Personally, I wonder at this point in my life why I can't fully accept that I am forgiven for my transgressions and continue to "punish" myself in small ways when I truly do believe God does not punish me. <br />
<br />
Something Mother Theresa said comes to mind: "Every day I see Jesus in all His distressing disguises."<br />
<br />
Why do we insist on wearing these disguises and accepting punishment? Why do we let others dress us in them? How do we shed them?

Its true..sometimes people are not 100% correct. So we got to not swallow everything they say. :)

I have to apologize.<br />
That was a trap question.<br />
I will say, however, GOOD 4 U that you don't have the time to watch them.<br />
It's long been a contention of mine, that these folks have the Word a bit twisted... you're really better off w/o them...

I used to watch all those shows. Nowadays quite busy so...its been a long time..

Say... do you, by any chance, watch the 700 Club, or Joyce Meyer, or Joel Osteen?<br />
Creflo Dollar perhaps?

I am not perfect and can never be so I reach out to Jesus and the atonement.

Beautiful! God bless(: