The Definition Of A Terrorist.

we hear this word thrown around on a daily basis, yet do we really know what it means? what exactly is the true definition of the word "terrorist"?

a terrorist, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is:

A person who uses terrorism in the pursuit of political aims.

terrorism, defined, is:

The use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.

Pay close attention to this definition. The use of violence and INTIMIDATION in the pursuit of political aims. The American media does everything it can to scare the public of a possible threat of terrorism despite the fact that, statistically speaking, we are more likely to win the lottery than die in a terror attack. What are they hoping to achieve from this? They are trying to SCARE (ie. intimidate) the public so it is easier to control. Remember, that was Hitlers best tactic. Scaring everyone that the Jews will attack, now America's doing the same except the Jews are now Muslims. So who is the real terrorist here, the people who you will most likely never even see much less have a chance of getting attacked by, or your government who's making up false threats to scare you?

Now, back to the people who this word is widely used against.

Imagine you are peacefully living in your home and an intruder comes and bombs your house, shoots your husband and children, rapes you (assuming you're a woman), sets your schools and hospitals on fire, sets your olive trees on fire, and you receive virtually no help at all from any other nation in the world.

Are you not allowed to fight back?

Are you not allowed to defend yourself?

Why is the word "terrorist" used only for people who go against the USA? Why is state sponsored terrorism almost always ignored by the mainstream media?

Why is everyone afraid of saying "American terrorism" or "Israeli terrorism" ?
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The Muslim Taliban are filth. Just ask any one in Afganistan.

Dude, I am Pakistani and I agree. Although I wouldn't really call them Muslim.

No they want to control every aspect of life and keep themselves on the top. Using religion as an excuse. So just as the Christian church perverted religion to control so has the Taliban.

Oh yes your right, please do not think that I have overlooked the Catholics with their evil inquisitions, or the protestants and their witch trials.

Good one!keep it up.

Muslims are terrorists because their book says the world is egg shaped. Everyone knows the world is flat. rofl.

couldn't agree with you more. but its the label which only brings Muslims to mind. thanks to the Jew owned media. Living in US, and reading the papers here, its very much evident how calculated their schemes are against the Muslims. any crime which is committed by a Muslim is always propagated as "a Muslim man did this.." or or a "Muslim father did that.. but when a similar crime is committed by a Christian or Jewish man, religion is never mentioned. it is this constant demonization of Islam which has polluted the minds in the West. so in the end, after the words have been associated to a group/ a people, their literal meaning no longer remain relevant.
If being a Muslim is a crime and if that qualifies me as a terrorist. than that is damn well who I am.

I think that there is a reason for this. When you look at the religious text's of each of these, Judaism and Christianity have evolved beyond the idea that others cannot be allowed to exist. The text of the Koran, specifically say's that non Muslims, must either be slaves to Islamic people or die. That is not true of any other practicing religion on earth. And they have had a huge history of agressive attacks on territories that are held by historically non-Islamic people.
The Islamic Ottoman Turks, attacked Europe, the Burburs relentlessly attacked the Iberian Peninsula, with no regard for the people who were inhabiting those areas. Indeed in the 500's AD or in modern terms CE, there was no Islam, but there are long histories of more than 3000 years history of writing showing long established people with no Islam, yet many have been subjugated to the rule of Islam, with great blood shed. Still the Islamic liars tell us that they are peaceful. This is simply historically provable as not being true.

lmao you are so misled. also, "Islamic liars", I sense some serious dehumanizing here. did you fail history class? the last time I checked it was WHITE people who "colonized" not just the Natives in North America, but also most of Asia and all of Africa.

not true. what you heard/ read about Islam's history is not at all true. Islam doesn't demonize other faiths. but they don't recognize other faiths as true word of God either. acceptance and recognition are two different words. Pick an era when Muslims ruled, and you'll find that the Christians and the Jews alike would rather live under a Muslim rule than that of each others. The Jews in Jerusalem were relieved to find Muslims to be their rulers after the oppression they were faced with under Christian rule. who were Nazis? were they Muslims? no they were not. was Hitler a Muslim? no. but have you ever heard his religion mentioned anywhere in the history. Look at what happened in Iraq? young girls were raped infront of their families and later burned alive along with the family by the members of Blackwater security. who were they? so the extremist exists in every religion. but we can't label the religion as a whole to be extreme. Muslim armies liberated people from worshiping the people and taught them to the worship of One. Islam did not spread via sword, it was the love which was delivered.

No more than your clear lack of history. Try reading the work of Sir Thomas Moore, and his work "Utopia", his point is that if the native population of an area is not using an area efficiently, it is fair game. When the Europeans created villages on new ground that no one was strongly defending it was open territory. When the Natives came, trade was done and peace was at first desired. But the United States history has shown that some of the Natives attacked and destroyed the European colony. It was the Native that drew first blood, which is a declaration of war.

lmao dragon you're so misled. I can't believe you are foolish enough to believe the peaceful natives wanted war. They were exploited by the European war-mongers.

I completely disagree. I have friends that have Egyptian history, they adopted the Christian religion, the Islamic people moved in, took everything that he had, three time, until the only thing he could do was to leave his home land, because of the destructive practices that the Islamic practices especially when they adopt a "Communist bent" take everything that this Ancestral Egyptian, Christian family. If they say anything like some of their neighbors they were brutalized. They do not respect human rights. They choose to ignore many kinds of science and claim that they are superior not by reason but by military and brutalistic force. Islamic liars is truth.

lmao you are just repeating what the Europeans did to the Natives in North America back in the day, except you've replaced Native with Christian and European with Muslims. Although you guys were by far worse. You took native children, forced them to learn your language and cut off their tongues if they refused to comply. Sounds very "peaceful" to me.

Not to forget the forgotten "Silent Holocaust" of the Natives that is almost never mentioned in any history book.

If you are of European decent, you have no room to talk. Your ancestors have left you with nothing to be proud of and trying to condemn others for these things only makes you a hypocrite.

Actually I have read many of their histories. When you look at the histories that many native American people cite, they talk of the tribal war fare, where even when the United States government began to control the more barbaric tribes, many of the more submissive were attacked by the agressive ones, and their is a long history of Native american brutality on Native american brutality through out the entire North, Central and South American history. Look at the Aztec that had their temples of death, capturing and executing their native american neighboring villages. Again you are only looking at one point of it.

haha! ever heard of the dark ages? yeah it was very dark in Europe. and the time when Muslim scientists and physicists were introducing the light of knowledge to mankind. here's a list if you cared to know
So, wash that ignorant grim off your face and learn the facts. Muhammad ibn Mūsā al-Khwārizmī is considered to be the father of Algebra, Avicenna was a Persian polymath and the foremost physician and Islamic philosopher of his time. He was also an astronomer, chemist, Hafiz, logician, mathematician, physicist, poet, psychologist, scientist, Sheikh, soldier, statesman and theologian. Geber (abir Ibn Hayyan) is "considered by many to be the father of chemistry. Ibn al-Haytham is regarded as the "father of modern optics" for his influential Book of Optics, which correctly explained and proved the modern intromission theory of vision, and for his experiments on optics, including experiments on lenses, mirrors, refraction, reflection, and the dispersion of light into its constituent colours. if it weren't for these men, the world would still be in Dark ages. get your **** together mate

There are United States filed legal documented complaints of the Native American tribe - The Hopi, making complaints of theft and attacks coming from the Navaho, even on their reservations. This history is almost eternal.

do you seriously hear yourself? so the natives were barbaric, the enslavement of Africans was their own fault and Arabs are violent people who deserve to be killed? wow I swear you have a ******* mental disorder or something...oh I know what this disease is called...WHITE SUPREMACY...

because white people are the only "correct" people in this world and their way is the right way. everyone else deserves to be killed.

Tell me, just who settled Constantinople, and why is it no longer on any map?

because white people weren't able to kill enough people I guess

and if you won't believe history, wait for the future. wait for Hazrat Esa (Al) descent. aka Jesus. and you'll see the truth. when people of the world would only be presented with two choices, to either accept Islam as the religion of God. or die. the rule of paying taxes under Islam law will no longer be valid. and the times are near. very near.

Why is it that we hear of vast numbers of intelligent people who have left Islamic controlled land, and speak out against it. Why do women get so angry with the group's of Islamic men like the Taliban, who have what any civilized individual would label barbaric ideas, and they justify them with the words in the Koran.

lmao birdy :P I honestly think we're all wasting our time on this delusional *****. if he wants to live in his world of magic where white people are always right and ethnic minorities are always wrong, let him burn in the fire of his own ignorance. i hope he gets shot by a black man in detroit.

lol @ NightBird.. rightouschica you rock!!

haha thank you redmusk *bows* ignore this fool. you know what they say, you can lead a horse to water but you can't force him to drink.

the dark ages was caused in significant part in the Islamic Ottoman's Turk capturing and destroying the city Constantinople, Built by the Christian Roman Emperor, Constantine. The dark ages began when the Ottoman Turks destroyed the libraries of that Byzantine Empires libraries, and most of the "learning that the Islamics gained" was lost to the Europeans because of that victory for Islam. So once again you cite proof of the agressive nature of Islam.

also, the final rebuttal, just look at the remarks made by some of the American republicans, ranging from "a woman can't get pregnant if its a legitimate rape" to "rape is the woman's fault". PLENTY of women speak out against Christianity. If anything, American conservatives have only prove their lack of critical thinking skills by denying the facts and twisting the truth to fit their needs. Sadly, reality can't be altered to please us all. Europeans did a great deal of injustice to the world and one day the truth will set us all free.

not to forget the Westboro Baptist Church, every sane human beings worst nightmare...

Also, do not alter history, ************. that is not what happened. the catholic church burned everything and everyone that disagreed with them to keep the foolish masses like you uneducated so you are easier to control and manipulate.

Interesting point on the African enslavement, considering that the Arabic countries are still huge slave traders throughout the world. And that most of the original African heritage slave trade began in the middle east, that for a time the Europeans adopted it, and then became enlightened and stopped it. Yet the the Islamic people still continue with it. They still have not re-written their texts to a modern understanding of the world. They still embrace slavery.

You want to drink the Poison cool-aid then do so,
Your Islamic history is one of documented oppression, for more than 1300 years.
Your profit, takes a 7 year old child as a bride, in any enlightened mind, that is child abuse.

yea, yea, everything is everyone elses fault. white people are completely innocent. SILENCE, FOOLS! how dare you speak out against pale skinned people? they are God's chosen people! the most superior race! incapable of committing any sin or making mistakes! how dare you accuse them of committing crimes against other people? it was totally their fault and they deserved it!! they brought it upon themselves! Europeans are superior! they are the best! *heavy sarcasm*

I am sorry but I am finding it hard to believe a man who's my fathers age and can't even spell the word "prophet" properly.

I never said I agreed with the Catholic Church, that is just a straw man logical fallacy with me, you will have to do better than that.

yea, go ahead and change your stance now that you're losing. *sigh* **** off white supremacist, you're unwanted here.

I never changes my stance, I have never supported the Roman Catholic Church. If you care to read the history of the Protestant Reformation, you would clearly understand that. Since you seem to be devout Islam, and reasonably young I wonder if you have read anything of the break up of the Christian Faith, or the reasons why. I would curious if you have.

lmao birdy!!!!!!!!!

and yes, I am "devout Islam" and proud to be!

First I don't believe in supremacy as a whole, for any group. But it is clearly the intent of Islam to controle the world by many of even your comments. This is the basic argument I am going to make. Second I don't care if you dont want me here, this is by definition a free society, and apparently you cannot accept that. That is the basic make up of the United States constitution and the bill of rights. That is the freedom that gave you this medium to begin with, and my historical roots gave their blood to ensure that possibility. So deal with the fact that I am here, and you are going to have to hear, since I don't think you will take the time to research my words and listen. Typical of close minded people who only use the words open minded when you accept their perspective of the world.

don't you dare go there dragon44, we've heard enough filth out out you. but won't listen to a single word about our Prophet. you heard. keep you filthy perverted mind off of our Prophet's life.

Oh by the way the label "White supremacist" is also in the category called a logical fallacy, If you cant defeat the argument, attack the person, exactly what I tried to explain before with the statement about the Imams not wanting the people of Islam to learn Politics, History and Logic. Would you care to try again?

it will be an IMAM who would make you **** your pants pretty soon. so stay tuned

responding to "NightBirdFlying - We can however shove his head in and drown him?" This is so typical of narrow minded people. They can't look at a logical argument, because they don't have the ability to understand one. If your only response is that of killing you have demonstrated your barbaric nature.

"righteouschicawillsavetheworld - why do you think WHITE people who "colonized" different parts of the world. " If as I would agree, Islam is over 1300 years old, and the "Colonizations" of the world by Europeans began in earnest about a mere what 700 years ago? Why did not the Islamic do it? If their message was so important to spread, when as "redMusk" pointed out the European Dark ages ( which by the way he or you have still not responded to the question about constantinople) If your religion is superior, why when the dark ages came did you not colonize the world?

You talk but fail to get a significant point, western civilization with all of its acknowledged faults, and I admit there are many, still created the most advanced kind of thinking with the greek logicians who borrowed extensively from the world. why won't you take the best ideas from the world, instead of labeling everyone your enemy and killing anyone who has a different perspective.

This is the main issues I have with the alegid enlightened Islamic person. You try to make the false argument that I don't respect. I do respect intelligent people who wish a dialog, but you don't. Why are you so affraid to look at the progress that has saved more people than have been killed. Consider this, The medicine that the scientists from around the world developed, but it was the europeans that spread it, so that today about a year ago I read that the world population is now over 7 billion. With out that medicine from the world, but decimated principally by acts of generosity from Europe, the world would not have this number of people in it.

Oh I should be thankful to "the acts of generosity" for my life ha-ha-ha that's a good one. anyways, I wanted to respond to your continuous nagging about Constantinople so hear me out. I am not sure how/ where you get your history lessons from but you need to know both accounts of recorded history. Below is how the conduct of Muslim armies was seen by different historians;
According to the Venetian surgeon Nicolò Barbaro "all through the day the Turks made a great slaughter of Christians through the city".
According to Philip Mansel thousands of civilans were killed and 30,000 civilians were enslaved or deported.
However, British historian David Nicolle wrote that the citizens of Constantinople were treated better by their Ottoman Conquerors than their ancestors had been by the Crusaders in 1204; only about 4,000 Greeks died in the siege. On the third day of the conquest, Mehmed II ordered all looting to stop and sent his troops back outside the city walls.
When Mehmed, the 21 year old Ottoman Sultan begun the siege on April 6, 1453, He gave the Byzantine emperor Constantine Palaeologus three chances to surrender the city, a duty enjoined by the Shariah Law. Mehmed guaranteed that the city's residents, including their riches, beliefs and honor, would be safe. Unfortunately for the Byzantine Empire, Constantine did not take the deal. The night before the final assault, After more than a month of fighting, he studied the previous attempts to take the city. He was comparing ways that would work and where they would not. On the morning of May 29, 1453 the sultan ordered the call of Azan (call to prayer). This was not a regular prayer session for religious reasons but rather a scare tactic. When the Byzantine forces saw the entire Ottoman army get on their knees to pray, the Byzantine army was witnessing how united the Ottomans were and this worried them. In a way, "their minds were defeated before their bodies."
and how can you blame Muslims for the loot of Byzantian empire as a whole when it was already in ruins. "Far from being in its heyday, by then, Constantinople was severely depopulated as a result of the general economic and territorial decline of the empire following its partial recovery from the disaster of the Fourth Crusade inflicted on it by the Christian army two centuries before. (In 1204, western armies captured Constantinople and ransacked the city for treasures. The pope decried the sacking of Constantinople but ordered the crusaders to consolidate their gains in the city for a year. The crusaders chose Baldwin of Flanders to be the new Byzantine Emperor; he along with other princes and the Venetians divided the Empire amongst themselves; they never made it to Jerusalem.This new Latin Empire at Constantinople lasted until 1261, when the Byzantines under the command of Michael VIII Palaeologus recaptured the city and some outlying territory. After this, Constantinople never regained its former glory. Rather than a thriving metropolis, Constantinople transformed into a collection of villages) Therefore, the city in 1453 was a series of walled villages separated by vast fields encircled by the fifth-century Theodosian walls."
Byzantine historian George Sphrantzes was an eyewitness to the fall of Constantinople. In his chronicle about the fall of the city, he wrote down the events that had taken place at the end of the third day of the conquest;
"On the third day after the fall of our city, the Sultan celebrated his victory with a great, joyful triumph. He issued a proclamation: the citizens of all ages who had managed to escape detection were to leave their hiding places throughout the city and come out into the open, as they were remain free and no question would be asked. He further declared the restoration of houses and property to those who had abandoned our city before the siege, if they returned home, they would be treated according to their rank and religion, as if nothing had changed."
—George Sphrantzes
The great humanist Aeneas Silvius lamented that with the fall of Constantinople "Homer and Plato have died a second death". This utterance was not true for learning in the fallen city. In addition to this, refugees from Constantinople to Italy brought with them ancient texts that further inspired humanist investigation of ancient philosophy and esotericism, especially Platonic and Neo-Platonic thought.

Lastly you accuse that the city "Constantinople" was wiped off the map. This is surely a proof of your hatred and ignorance as you won't accept the Arabic version of the name. "As widely believed that the city was renamed to "Istanbul" in the aftermath of the conquest. In actuality, Ottomans used the Arabic transliteration of the city's name, "Kostantiniyye," as can be seen in numerous Ottoman documents. The name of Istanbul, deriving from a Greek phrase ("to the City", Greek: eis -tin- polin) was probably already spread among the Turkish populace of the Ottoman Empire before the conquest. Istanbul would become the official name of the city by the Turkish Postal Law of 1930"

hope you find some valuable information about your past. and I hope that you see that Muslims were not the cause of your Dark Ages, it was the power-hungry Christian Crusaders themselves. I'm done here.
Peace out.

Two points,
1) where is the book reference or how do I find it, I like history and I like reading other points of view, but I dont see an actual citation here.
2) I know that Constantinople was re-named, but my point was that you cant find that name on the map, it was conquered, and it was the center of the political power of Europe. When it fell, most of the Libraries of Europe were captured with it, so the statement of "European Middle age ignorance" was from the direct conquest of Constantinople, that was the point I was trying to make. I sincerely hope that you will help me find the source to your post here.

I genuinely would like to read that document or documents. Would you please list the titles and authors or editors of them. I will re read your last post, but at this time I still have not found the exact title of any document.

Ok "redMusk"

You made some interesting point's, that due to computer refresh rates, I missed.

I am looking, I am seeing several books by David Nicolle, one of the authors you have mentioned in your earlier post, as my economic condition is not great, could you please isolate which one you are drawing from? One source that I have found citing his works shows 10 different books, and a few that relate to what looks like the right area of time.

One is "Arms and Armour of the Crusading Era 1050-1350: Islam, Eastern Europe and Asia, London 1999." the others that I am seeing in the list do not seem to correlate correctly to the time and place combination. I acknowledge that it is hard to find many things from only a title and even white papers describing the inner material often fail to clarify details, and unfortunately what I am finding so far does not even have the white papers attached. The others in the generally correct time frame are of seemingly other topics.

ps I have not know a single group of people in the existence of the world's history that was not as you put it "power hungry", or just plain greedy. That does not mean that an individual from any group, cannot attempt to stand up to the intellectual riggers of seeking out the truth. It is almost never a clear path, since much of history is obscured for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is what is written out of existence by slaughter, by the looting and or burning of Libraries, by the conquering armies. We for example from my studies know very little of the history of the Carthaginians, because when Rome conquered them, they destroyed the city of Carthage, and their libraries were lost to the world.Yet we have recored of them because of their enemies records, that of the Romans.

and I don't have the cultural background you seem to have but I do respect the Peace out, the only caviot I hope to give you to challenge your peace or mine is that of intellectual challenging, and searching for truth where ever it takes me and I think actually I hope we can share part of this road.

"I have not know a single group of people in the existence of the world's history that was not as you put it "power hungry", or just plain greedy. " and yet you were trying to argue the facts that Muslims are the only violent people on Earth. Nice to see how you change your tactics immediately when the scales aren't tipped in your favor, eh? ;)

to "NightBirdFlying - Chica is going to be so assumed. XD"
I will not pretend to understand your comment, but I would like to. Would you please state it in a different way?

to "righteouschicawillsavetheworld" you really only see one point dont you. I asked for information, "redMusk" was actually kind enough to read my words and give something that is interesting. So I ask him, for a reference so that I can verify it, suddenly once again I am being attacked by someone who only see's one thought pattern. Why is it that I am trying to have an open mind, but I don't see the same from you?

no, I am not having a closed mind here, I am just pointing out the fact that you are big hypocrite but I am glad you're reconsidering this :P

righteouschica I think we should admire his yearning for knowledge, and not ridicule him for the things he said... there's a good in everyone. it's our duty to address the good alone :)

dragon464: I truly admire your zeal for seeking the truth.. Most of my immediate source was Wiki and I'll list the references that were cited;

A point in history about the Empire's literal looting as noted by Sir Steven Runciman, historian of the Crusades, as the sack of Constantinople is “unparalleled in history”.
“For nine centuries,” he goes on, “the great city had been the capital of Christian civilisation. It was filled with works of art that had survived from ancient Greece and with the masterpieces of its own exquisite craftsmen. The Venetians ... seized treasures and carried them off to adorn ... their town. But the Frenchmen and Flemings were filled with a lust for destruction. They rushed in a howling mob down the streets and through the houses, snatching up everything that glittered and destroying whatever they could not carry, pausing only to murder or to rape, or to break open the wine-cellars ... . Neither monasteries nor churches nor libraries were spared. In St Sophia itself, drunken soldiers could be seen tearing down the silken hangings and pulling the great silver iconostasis to pieces, while sacred books and icons were trampled under foot. While they drank merrily from the altar-vessels a prostitute set herself on the Patriarch’s throne and began to sing a ribald French song. Nuns were ravished in their convents. Palaces and hovels alike were entered and wrecked. Wounded women and children lay dying in the streets. For three days the ghastly scenes ... continued, till the huge and beautiful city was a shambles. ... When ... order was restored, ... citizens were tortured to make them reveal the goods that they had contrived to hide"
Steven Runciman, A History of the Crusades, Cambridge 1966 [1954], vol 3, p.123

and that is not how Muslims conducted themselves when they came in power. They restored the belongings to their rightful owners and respected everyone's rights of religion and free will.

Following are the references I cited;
Crowley, Roger (2006). Constantinople: The Last Great Siege, 1453.

George Sphrantzes. The Fall of the Byzantine Empire: A Chronicle by George Sphrantzes 1401–1477. Translated by Marios Philippides. University of Massachusetts Press, 1980

Kritovoulos (or Kritoboulos). History of Mehmed the Conqueror. Translated by Charles T. Riggs. Greenwood Press Reprint, 1970.

Mango, Cyril (2002). The Oxford History of Byzantium. New York: Oxford UP. p. 280.

Norwich, John Julius (1997). A Short History of Byzantium. New York: Vintage Books. p. 378.

Nicolle, David (2000). Constantinople 1453: The end of Byzantium.

Michael Grant, The climax of Rome (London 1968)

D. Nicolle, Constantinople 1453: The end of Byzantium

Inalcik, Halil. “The Policy of Mehmed II toward the Greek Population of Istanbul and the Byzantine Buildings of the City.” Dumbarton Oaks Papers 23, (1969): 229–249. p. 229

Hatzopoulos, Dionysios. "The Fall of Constantinople." (accessed 2/10/2008). p. 6

Eversley, Lord. The Turkish Empire from 1288–1914. 3rd ed. Howard Fertig. New York: Howard Fertig Inc., 1924. p. 2

I agree with you, redmusk, and I realized and acknowledged this in my last response to him. I was just explaining why I said the things I said to him.

To "redMusk" Thank you. I am a bit slow at reading, but I will copy this list and work through it. Wont promise it will be fast, but...

I hope that once I have gotten through the material, you would be willing to chat about it.


Nice answer!very true as well brother.

Thanks Nadeem. I tried.


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Members of the US Army have even confessed that they were the terrorists. People in America never think about the numbers. How many people were killed in 9/11, and how many people have been killed in the Middle East? The numbers are drastically bigger. Its ridiculous to see that people support the troops who are the real terrorists. Rapper Lupe Fiasco even called Obama and US Gov American Terrorists

Lupe Fiasco is awesome.

It's simple, the media is owned by a small group of elite's, who also controle the Federal Reserve Bank. They own and control the American Military complex. Their goal is world domination, that is what the NWO is all about.

If they ever get their way, the world's population will become their slaves, and then they can be just like the medieval aristocracy of Europe. And the rest of us will be allowed to live as long as they are happy with the performance of our jobs. By using the word Terrorism they can politically convince the last remaining free country to surrender their rights to be free people. This is done through two attacking forces, the Big Business and their lobbyist toward the congress, and the Progressive Democrats, who want so much regulation that only Big Business can survive. This combination one two punch, knocks out any true ability to fight back against the real attackers. By citing racism, terrorism, Big Business, Unions, This or that other group, they muddy the water so that people cannot see what is truly going on, and vote with their constituency. Then they do the political deal, they put a new "entitlement benefit" on the political table, and take another "political right" off of the table until we all become slaves to their entrapment.

I love this,and every word is true.Im community mobbed/gang stalked,a terrorist agenda run by the authorities,covertly.The real terrorists are right here,in the UK and USA.