Countries That Recognize The Existance Of Palestine

Here is a picture of all the countries in the world (shown in Green) that recognize the existence of Palestine. Thus rendering the old "Palestine doesn't exist" argument useless.

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Palestinian Issue > US Foreign Aid to the PA - Counterproductive
US Foreign Aid to the PA - Counterproductive
Yoram Ettinger, August 19, 2011

The US Administration is trying to reassure Congress that foreign aid to the Palestinian Authority (PA) is a key to peaceful coexistence with Israel.

However, a current study of Abu Mazen's and Salam Fayyad's school text books – conducted by veterans of Israel's Intelligence community – reaffirms that the $4 billion US foreign aid to the Palestinian Authority has been counter-productive. It has not inclined Palestinians towards peaceful coexistence, and it has not moderated Palestinian terrorism. In fact, since the 1994 inception of foreign aid to the Palestinian Authority, Palestinian terrorism has escalated, Palestinian non-compliance has become pervasive and support of peace among Palestinians has ebbed.

The study reconfirms that Palestinian school text books lay the groundwork for the next wave of Palestinian terrorism (Intifada); encourage Palestinian mothers to dedicate their children to suicide-bombing ("martyrdom"); idolize Jihad ("holy war"), bloodshed and families of suicide-bombers; promote the Palestinization of pre-1967 Israel as the overriding national goal; define Israel's establishment as an immoral and illegitimate act to be rescinded; eliminate any reference to Jewish roots within pre-1967 Israel; are devoid of any reference to peaceful coexistence; are consistent with the PLO's Palestinian Covenant which calls for the annihilation of Israel; delegitimize the existence – and not just the size – of the Jewish State; and cement the state of mind of the Palestinian society.


Haha you misspelled existence.

Why do you support Palestine? Don't you know what our bible says? An Israelite is worth 600 men.

Saying Palestine doesn't exist is actually a stupid argument that shows pure ignorance on history. The minute you argue them specifically on this topic they go blank saying weird stuff.

Shut up! Don't you know what our bible says? :O

Are you joking or being serious? Your own bible speaks about the Palestinians.

What is the source of this photo? I just hope both sides stop with the shelling. It's ridiculous.

I agree, violence is never justified and I have to admit, I got this from Wikipedia :P

*cough* Wikipedia? You do know that pretty much ANYONE can edit things on there right? Not saying this map isn't accurate, but it's open for interpretation ;)

I know what you mean though. However, do feel free to google any country on this map who you think does not support Palestine.

I'll let you do the dirty work thanks :) I'm impartial b/c I don't know that much about the history to take a stand ;)

ahh, that's understandable. let me fetch a more trustworthy link, then :)

Cool thanks - I'll read up on it when I get home. I'm headed out! Toodles!

cyahh! :D btw, here is a great site for all the statistics you'll need on the issue:

There is a lot of **** we don't know *see the Libya debacle as evidence of this.

I know what you mean. here is just one website that compiles all the statistics of the war:

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