A Funny Conversation

Me:I changed it to this pic I recently took + edited
Rivfader: Ok, I'll hafta take a look, lol!
Rivfader: That looks ba!
Me: thank you *bows*
Me: I was trying to make it look as creepy as possible
Rivfader: Yea, looks like a cool assassin-type thing, lol!
Me: ;D
Rivfader: Like, you're walking through an alley, and that face appears behind you.....there's a glint from a jambiya.....a scream rings out....then silence. The silence of death. The mysterious assassin knows her job is complete, without even checking the body. She knows, because she's done this a thousand times before. She is the Sultan's secret weapon. And by far, his most useful. But is he just a Sultan to her? Or is he something more? Is there a reason beyond mere loyalty, that she will do anything to defend him?
Rivfader: Sorry, I got carried away...LOL!
righteouschica righteouschica
22-25, F
Dec 7, 2012