If This Didn't Reduce You To Tears, You Have No Heart.

righteouschica righteouschica
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1 Response Jan 14, 2013

It is strange how this has limited meaning until you start getting to "that" age. Thank you Queen for having the empathy to post this.

I recently lost my grandfather to lung cancer. my entire extended family neglected him. he was an alzheimers patient and went to bed with a hungry stomach each night. no one gave him food. no one took him to the hospital when he complained about his pain. no one even went to look for him when he went away from home. if it wasn't for my parents, they wouldn't even have known he had alzheimers or lung cancer. unfortunately, we live abroad so we couldn't help him out much, although we did try (by sending him money, which we later found out wasn't even getting spent on him). the saddest part is after all of this, his greedy sons still have the nerve to live on HIS land in HIS house...