No More Injustice!

EP - no more arbitrary rule and punishments
no more ignoring the real isues
no more ignoring the burning questions
no more turning a blind eye
to pedophiles, wanna-be rapists
while persecuting the innocent
no more censorhip of criticism
no more injustice!
imabear imabear
51-55, F
3 Responses Jan 13, 2012

hit the nail on the head ... great post ... RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE :)

Ban all the dirty people here instead of banning that lovely cat!<br />
Occupy EP Website! - FREE PEZA!

Occupy EP! I LOVE it!

Yes, where are the Ep staff? I only ever see EpArsineh and she replies like an automated machine <br />
<br />
Who has stolen the heart and conscience out of Ep???

Auto-bot replies - you got that right. Just spout drivel nonsense with no real answers. She could be a politician.

Yes, wonder what political interests Ep have