I Realise That I Cannot Denie My True Nature

Ever since I was born I was raised in the way that made me believe that I was a 'Gadjo' but looking at my life so far and the way I lived it, confirms to me what I have always thought: I am for more than half of me of the Romani.

That realisation brings peace to me because it confirms and reconfirms my urge to always wanting to see what is around the next corner and what lies beyond the bend in the road ahead. This caused me to travel the world and live and work in over fifty countries and yet yearning to see and experience more.

Lupercus Lupercus
51-55, M
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Yeah...your not Roma.

Okay, I may not currently live the life, but my blood teaches me that I am.
You can put all the remarks that you wish, but that will not change my truth.

Its not about your "truth". I mean no offence, but a fondness for oriental furniture does not make you chinese, liveing in the hood does not make you black, and wanderlust does not make you Roma. Its an ethnicity, not a life style.

yeah the etnic, which made me very independed because I only could reley on myself. The german people changed to the other side of the street so they could avoid me. Sometimes they would remark that hitler forgot to gas me, or I should have been shot on the spot.

May I ask, if I took a DNA test and it was returned telling me I have the same DNA as Roma, and no DNA of non-Roma, would that make me Roma? This happened to me, but before the test, I did not know my family were Roma. What do you think? I am confused!

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Wait, are you saying you are an ethnic Roma, or are you saying that the way you live makes you Roma? Because we are an ethnic group...regardless of the way one lives their life if they are a Rom they are a Rom..

I do not see how your question in the way it was formed, leads to any clarity if you really want to ask me something of significance.
My Grandfather served in the Cavalry (as was common for Roma) in 1940 and died fighting the Germans in a horse-back charge against tanks. One of his sons (my dad) was rounded up to die in a concentration-camp. He (obviously) survived and escaped to fight another day.
He made it to England and fought in whatever way he could against the Germans, but in the end (several years ago) he made his peace with them.
His wisdom is my guidance.