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I Like To Spoil The One I'm With And Be Spoiled

I enjoy making them giving and making them smile. I do things for the one i'm with all the time but especially Holidays and Birthdays. On Easter I make up an Easter basket and hide it for my love to find. It depends on who i'm with and what they like that determines what goes into the Easter basket. If they are a tom girl or guy I put boxers, lighters if they smoke, tools, Cd's, Ipods, anything that I know that they like. For femmi foo stuff and sexy things.

Christmas I love to spoil the one i'm with. I am the sole cook and make them a huge Festive Christmas Feast fit for Queen/King. I love to have them open several presents (about 20-30 or more if I could) and see their eyes light up with all the thoughtful and clever things I thought of. I make sure I know what they like, listen to hints and go for what I know they want NOT what I want to get them.

St. Patricks Day.......I love to make them corned beef and cabbage with red potatoes, maybe some champagne or green beer whatever it is that they personally like. Maybe go on a pic nic with candles and romantic music that I take along with a nice fuzzy soft blanket and huge throw pillows to lay on.

Valentines Day.........Oh St Valentines.......Time for a romantic dinner out for two, candy, flowers a night of hot baths, rose petals and in bed with a good romantic movie or hot steamy sex video with lots of toys, maybe a little bondage and some food play and sensual hot steamy love making.

Birthdays are their special day and therefore it's my special day too. I love to see them happy and fufilled that they got their birthday wish whatever that may be I will try my best to give it to them.

Kindal Kindal 46-50, F 2 Responses Mar 16, 2010

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Thanks Pumpkin. :)

I don't know Pumpkin. I keep asking myself the same thing.