4ver Always Love ............

i need u 4ver.........

Sometimes, even if you have a good reason to hold on,

you have to realize that it would much better if you just go.

There is a difference between "what is right" and "what feels right"You can cry tears of happiness,but not laugh in the face of sadness.Don't blame me for not knowing how you feel,blame yourself for not telling me.

Live like every drop of rain is a ray of sunshine ^_^Love like every hope for the future is a promise :)))

And laugh until everything is funny and nothing is not. ♥I miss the past, and all the people who were a part of it.I miss the people who claimed to care about me, when deep down,I knew as well as them, that they didn't.I miss the way things used to be.It's a known fact, which I was aware of, but I didn't want to believe it,not like how I do now,I've finally realized;people always leave. Waiting forever hurts more than rejection.It doesn't matter what I said or how I felt.

What matters is that I'm standing here now, telling you that you're the only thing I need.

Some people will stay in your heart, even if you are gone in theirs.I remember you.

But I do remember the feelings much more. I pray to God everyday to keep you forever.

 4ver always Love ............

AryaRain AryaRain
22-25, M
Sep 8, 2012