I Have Always Been Terrible At Handstands!

At school I was rubbish at hand stands. And head stands. And cartwheels. Did manage a forward and backward roll, but that was about it.

So when I left school, I was very glad to leave all that gymnastics nonsense behind me, and just focus on running and doing a few weights here and there.

Fastforward a few decades, and now I'm interested in fitness again. And this time in real fitness. Not just aerobic fitness, or strength. But also all that other things that's completely neglected by most fitness stuff: flexibility, agility, balance, coordination, power...

(Check out http://www.crossfit.com if this idea appeals to you, those guys are the ones that got me onto this).

And so now, I want to be able to do a handstand!

Or at least, begin with a headstand. I can't even do them at the moment :P
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o.o Must have one.... or several! o.o ;)

She's got a special autographed version, with the pages stuck together, so you don't have to feel guilty about not actually using the book!

Good diversion, it almost worked! ;)

Ummmm.... hey look, it's Betty Edwards!

So, could we get an update on this story? Have you developed incredible hand and head stand-skills and are you doing them while you hang out in EP? ;)

@madeofstone how do you think the male gymnasts got biceps like that? by doing gymnastics. nobody is born with magical muscles, you have to work hard to build them. and gymnastic training is probably the best movement for building fitness and athleticism...perfect for the skinny kids.

Why do teachers persist in making skinny kids do gymnastics (do they not watch the Olympics,all the male gymnasts have biceps the size of Scotland). I think they get some perverse pleasure seeing people nearly break their necks

hey sweety Gymnastics is so fun !!! i love it .. but i have RA .. and cant really do much with out feelin like im gonna die the next day .. congratulations on finding a site to help you !!