Me to .......

Cant skip either ...   :O)

salar1 salar1
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No the hand stand is the easy option ... after I realise I cant fly .... :)

so what happens you make the attempt and flip over? or just realize it's a lost cause and don't try?<br />
sadly, I've never been able to do hand stands...even at age 10.

well after a few drams jimmy i have been known ... :o)

Did I say old? OOps! I meant, "mature" hehehe! We are like a fine wine you know! Getting better with age all the time! :-D

Jimmy do you ever get drunk ..... thats the answer to do i want to do hand stands ...<br />
<br />
Pix !!! who said we are old .... <br />
<br />

That's it! We just don't <i>want</i> to!<br />
<br />
Salar doesn't <i>want</i> to skip either... although I'd love to see that! hehehe! :-D

I am no good at them anymore as well... do you think it's because we are getting old? Nahhhhh... that can't be it! :-D

I can do hand stands, but only when in a pool. Otherwise, no way! LOL

Flutters .... 2 -3 Em .... Emmm cant dance either<br />
<br />
Chris ....... understand your situation<br />
<br />
<br />
Mizz Blue ............ Lets start a used to Group<br />
<br />

me too - USED to be able to. That is the key word.

I used to be able to do hand stands....