Different Realities Versus Video Gaming

Different Realities versus Video gaming
By Anonymous Jan 7 2013

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Let me go through the article introduction where we see a great number of programs developed for AI and statistically links make online are where the 2 parties are on separate countries yet alone same continent! Secondly the use mind body and soul physically versus sitting idol. We first need to sit back & take a deep breath & get down to earth from all things material & open our imaginations to view the point while not forgetting our Starbucks coffee only. What is discussed is between focusing on average western user to second world to finally our global user & how they see fit in on using Parallel realities versus Artificial Intelligence to their individual different points of views within their own environment and how it relates to all of them and level of importance.

To dating to religious to moral ethics within any society surrounding one’s environment first of all for our global user the issue of living with a family joint system of circle is essential to all things & culture in rest of the world with certain situations where we find few individuals living as singles when need to where majority are families or joint systems to begin with mostly. Than we have our second world where average user have enough resources to maintain a good life standard living yet enjoying sharing of benefits and attaining certain material name brands or life styles but without exposure to mixed populations of all types from all over. Communism might have fallen but socio economic system within those countries is yet with banking credit loans from the previous regime system are still the same, nothing has changed from the addition of capital forces or name brand economic chains to policies in these countries. The profits are further divided in the hands of few eastern European owners where rest fall into the system as users. It hasn’t changed any major different out ward or had major effect on the world to say the least. The currency is still same in those countries with low rate of convert as when compared to sterling or the euro. Mind you the sterling still hasn’t joined EU as of yet! In comparison to family members per house hold are greater than first world average family members therefore falling with our Global user family numbers in quantity. Lastly our first world average western user has an abundance of material purchases to exposure to mixed populations in their own geographic surroundings with high income per month as compared to both above examples. With little tendency to side with family values and live alone is the norm basically. Also encouragement from society to leave the home at the age of 18 years one is on their own & live independently is also another issue in coordination with capitalistic aggressive forces. To deal with Artificial reality is just another pass time hobby to use time to discover new domain simply. Sitting on hours at ends with high end graphics cards but not much beyond it really. With the Edward Sciccer hands 3D movie back in 1990’s which portrays penetration to literally touch another soul in the final plot or Tron legacy, we are far apart from what is truly AI versus what is not with 3D printing technology. We haven’t even discovered true robotics in full scale movements rotary mechanics we are still in fundamental design basics with technology cost being a factor and not enough investment besides NASA space shuttles R & D. And that has been grounded. Again we needed the space shuttle now scratched so that’s why robotics were being developed in conjunction with popularity of supply and demand.
Back to our global user mind set, so if we compare the first world we can clearly see a gap in like-minded-ness of doing such activities as AI or sitting at ends front of computers to discover collectively from like minds in similar roles to make or invent a new script or platform for everyone in first world to play with.
The social norms of what not to expect from our so called society versus what to expect from all societies is taken for granted. With again relating to our global user where family values are utmost important whereas first world who cares attitude, we see all these interest in third party companies to research and development companies producing great content at such a slow rate only to boast about in media heavily to get market acceptance is again taken for granted. Whereas pressure from other forces to our global user local companies it is non-existent. But there is a heavy presence of populations per say. There is no need for wasteful of resources in something unwanted for the majority of rest of world populations. I am personal a technology freak but when I see such a slow advancement in these fields of what is being achieved today I am not interested in boring fields at all. When we discuss parallel realities in comparison to AI, we are doing well in the personal development of any mind body & soul not sitting in front of a computer. The basics of back to our example of global user, is the fact in rest of the world follows the socio norm of several different ways to look at things for example, those most cultures is to mix or blend everyone into all provinces to most ethnic groups or work environments in offices besides from the odd ones or outcast concerning wrong attained merit per say. It is normal to go to a different part of the country & mix in with other local population & learn their way of life as well speak a certain dialect and to wear such different clothes in those geographic countries. If we take 100 hand picks from Asian local populations one can clearly see the vast different styles of clothing from one similar sex. They all have different stereo typical personalities with certain ethnic group clothing style. So if one goes to another province they have to literally change their wardrobe totally from A to Z not to mention speak another dialect as well. It’s as if acting in an out-dated movie just to fit in. This is the concept of parallel reality where one is living in 21st century where others in 19th Century yet in same geographic country with major cast differences.

What not to expect as our children growing up in today’s techno freaks to weird or strange behave to name a few for example our children growing up watching TV getting bombarded with images to stereo types is also goes with aggressive forces to point out. I remember the story of a girl in Wisconsin broke a record of text message to all her high school buddies or sisters at a rate of I don’t remember it made headlines back 2 years ago. The thing is I used back in my high school look at a girl hand writing not to mention her too but admire the straight writing style with pitch perfect every single letter exactly same as the previous word had in, and enjoyed it amazingly, but nowadays to hear the clicking of retarded noises coming out of any high school corridor is first bothersome to the ear, second it feels un-attractive, thirdly if that girl loses her mobile device she has to make urgent note oops I am not even going to describe the writing, fourthly these devices were made for emergency use not every second per say, lastly the concept of more garbage websites dot com’s back in 2000 was heavily broadcast if makes a name brand dot com than they might win the lottery, yeah right, so the same cycle with apps is taking instead of websites and dot com’s sad to say. Than to highlight the issue of addicted hard core online to solo video gamers in parallel realities switching back & forth to one AI to another AI randomly to really fast, but in my video gaming experiences it has to make sense when in adventure to pleasure seekers randomize my top 10 scenarios one after another really fast as long as the graphics card doesn’t get burnt! But to top all of these experiences cross dressing by far as another example of parallel real world reality on self to go where no man or women has gone before totally new uncharted territory yet but it is getting exposed. By the time over exposure will one day die out eventually than lead us to what next? Another example, I remember I used to browse 15 channels back in the 1990’s to now cable TV integrating with other hubs to combined cheap repeat to only few channels with original content has linked to provide over 600 to 900 channels. One can see without being negative or being a couch potato what will one achieve or earn in the end watching even if one could 600 channels. It’s only a eye ball muscle movement, yes sometimes to relax is good but not all the time, I remember Bold & beautiful had over 75 episodes while repeating the behaviour of characters, alright we got the point, what’s next?
Some examples of strange behaviour of all types personalities in everyday life, we can first start with our typical nerd or geek type individual drinking cup of coffee in Starbucks, secondly the average salesman who knows it all concerning the cost & market value with their bellies falling down, thirdly the misfit for whatever reason or whoever fits for that reason being in this category, fourthly the athlete who’s picture perfect yet not doing too well that day for whatever reason being a “nugget”, lastly our immigrant who is foreign in the country of resident.
Not being biased against anyone or group of individuals. The might is right policy falls in these typical personalities to being one as an escape goat is yet better to sit in front of the computer. The issues of cost and quality time versus waste of time simply am not going to get into it. For our first world user who has abundance of time & wealth versus the global user who’s making effort to meet monthly bills due to his large # of family members in the house hold. From our first world user his views are simple as he only needs to feed himself versus global user has to go to KFC with his entire 9 member family with him earning by himself, so one can see about AI but parallel realities he can manage since he could travel for work purposes to remote part of country. It could not be said vice versa for first world user since all major office have a strict dress code similar business casual to suit per say therefore it is irrelevant.

From the lazy approach “oh I drove my car to and from work & back to home” and back to watching more Cable TV. Let’s go back to horse and carriages when a time of no AI or mechanized vehicles. It’s like not using mind body or soul to get whatever one wants. To use a car to get to point a to b, not to use the public transport system or the free car pool or special transit roots setup everywhere by the government to utilize for all. But I am better than public attitude per say I make so much money to stand out from crowd which is fine but to what extent or how much can one boast? Making Science fiction to extra ordinary movies is total waste of time when there is no light speed or hyper drive to travel to space in high speeds versus high speeds on the bandwidth internet traffic is all we have developed this last decade.

To dream versus to actually physical do it in reality is totally something else for the experience of feel real & have real objects as in Star Trek the simulator deck, in regards to those of us who are dreamers versus doers! I only see AI to benefit as in Alexander Bell the inventor of telephone for “long distant calling” nothing else. If one is in an isolated cottage in no man’s land somewhere in North Caroline in the forest areas surrounded by huge trees, than he or she is out of touch & the technology of any type is required from instead of sudden death. But if one is wasting 3 to 4 hours per day on PlayStation to gaming extreme level than one is out of touch with real world. Life is not a view of the screen as most people in most countries take it for granted to at look at it from another angle. What have I downloaded from the net or did you see the latest episode of whatever on cable TV. For house wives it works well with them and for senior citizens too but for the worker of the house for their bread butter to put on the table it is a totally different mindset.
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Jan 7, 2013