I am running away. far far away. I am running from Love, from Happiness. I am running from success, I am running from friendship, and Love, and trust, I am just running so very far away. if I start running now, I can get far away before anyone can try and stop me. I am halfway gone. Soon, it will just be a body, no heart, no soul, no nothing. Just another non-existant person. I gotta run, far away. I can't stay here. I can't keep letting people in, and getting hurt. I can't anymore. I need to run far awway.

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3 Responses Aug 7, 2010

Don't shut it all out sis. And we are coming with you. To be there for you. Always.

I have learned that running away is not the answer. I had spent so long running away that it became almost habit for me. I finally met a man that has the balls to call me on it when I try to run from him. He points it out , tells me that my reasons are bullsh*t reasons, and to get on the road back to him immediately. he has helped me to realize that I can't let past hurts dictate my actions now because I could miss out on something great. I always turn the car around for him. I hope that you will think before you run too far away and no one can reach you because you have a long, and what I believe to be, a promising life ahead of you. ((hugs))

Let me go with you! :(