I'm Russian.

I'm Russian, I born in Russia and I live in Russia, my parents are Russian, I have a Russian name, my fist language is Russian I finished a russian school, and I've entered the Russian University, I know English, German, Chinese but Russian language is the best langauge, I love Russia very much!
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Как говорится, подписываюсь под каждым словом, хэоть по-китайски и не говорю)

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я из россия

You are very beautiful.

Your Profile is nice

A real tragedy of Russia: very nice country with great history, arts, music, literature and rich in reserves that the earth can give on one hand but awful and inefficient state structure and ruling parties, on the other hand.

What can I say...many russian people feel optimistic because they have good education, good job, a lot of money and a lot of opportunities, but the biggest part of people don't feel like this. Russia is the country of contrast, on the one hand there are the richest and the cleverest men here, but on the other hand you can see a lot of doozers (drunkard, wino, oilhead, I don't know how say is better). of course, these people don't have future at all. it's really sad. <br />
My city is near Moscow, so I can say that life here is very good. but in spite of the fact life is quite comfortable most of us want to live abroad. most of my friends study in England, USA, China, Germany, Australia, France and other counries...and we all don't want to live in Russia. <br />
A lot of young people in Russia are disappointed in our government, me too. I can say that I don't feel good here and I don't want to live here. Of course, Russia has a big histiry and I really proud of my country, but I can say I love my motherland but hate the government...

I totally agree! The government is the main reason I'd never want to move back there.

loving your country but hating your govt......you sound like an American!...lol
What are you studying in college ?

I study Chinese in the University

chinese is good.......it will be very useful

I couldn't agree more. Excellent wording!

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Do you feel that you have sufficient freedom in your country now? Do Russian people in your city feel optimistic about their future?