Love To Be Russian

I love to be Russian! Being crazy and independent. Being strong and have fun all the time. Drink vodka and walk with bears. Play balalaika and run with crazy babushkas :)
lol its soo funny to write it especially when people really think that we do it!
Once i told a story to one American girl about Russia. I said that in Russia it is so normal that bears walk on the streets, go to bars and order vodka. When they get drunk, they usually eat people. But there is the only one way to stop them - BABUSHKA. If babushka is with you, she will protect you for sure, cause babushkas are very strong and dangerous!
My friend was quite shocked, she believed every word I said :)
Anyechka Anyechka
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2 Responses Jan 14, 2013

Yeah :) Thank you! That wasn't the first time btw :)

У америкозов явные проблемы:)

Could any American person understand your second word even with a dictionary? I think, not.

Haha, you have perfect narrative skills =) Надеюсь, участники этой сайта менее доверчивые