This Group's Members Seem Strange...

What is wrong with the members of these group... they all don't have a pic. They all have the same way of making a name. They all have only experiences that have to do with where they come from... this is sort of strange... it this the KGB?

Oh no. I'm being unfair. No KGB anymore, I know.  But really... what kind of strange avatars are they??

GothGrrrl GothGrrrl
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7 Responses Jul 18, 2007

Actually, when I signed up for an EP, I noticed that it automatically asked if I wanted in this group because I'm partially Russian. I said yes. : ) So new or unformulated accounts probably do lurk in the heritage groups!<br />
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I think some of us are from outer networks and gatherings where we're just accustomed to sharing things about ourselves online. For instance, I'm in a group that's just for people who use userpics of themselves only. I was like, 'heyy, i do that. lol. i guess i'll join.' <br />
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It doesn't seem so weird now. Just preference I guess. ; )

:) think we're getting on fine after establishing that we understood each other incorrectly. ;) I also wonder why they are doing that... it's really strange.

that was just a joke because most of the members in this group seem to be computer-generated and not human. just have a look at them. that was nothing against the "human" people in this group. didn't want to offend anyone.

I think thats the same for the "I am Indian" group members too...

Oh no GothGrrrl!!! You've stubbled on the hideout for all Experienced ex-KGB officers!!! RUN, RUN, RUN!!O_O

hehe, thats funny. it is very bizzare. someones watching us. maybe its some kind of advertising bug that is tracking our thoughts and trying to sell us peanut butter for when we're blue and some sellotape for when we're happy.

no kidding, maybe that is all one person. He or she has no experience so he/she signed up 200 times to have this one experience. I can't find another explenation lol