I Hate Myself

yes i hate myself and it was thanks to others i do they allways changed me to who they want me to be a lier and clown a fool a happy persen a mad and sad peren.
the bad drawer
the hero 
the bad singer
and a bad writer 
but i have to say i am not lier i tell it how i see it. am no clown am not here to make you laugh. am no fool but i do make foolish mistakes. aam not happy but am glad to be me. am not mad no more i forgive people for hurting me.
yeh am still sad but more upset than sad. i may not draw well ut at least u could of give me a pat on the back. am no hero.
yah mmy voice might not be great but i dinask you lugh.
my storys aare fine but dont act like they dont matter.
i was feeling ery blue as i write this.
Sammieangel Sammieangel
18-21, T
2 Responses Dec 7, 2012

Well written... I don't think anyone would be able to disagree with what you wrote it was very emotive!!!

yes i know its very true

And so it should be :)

i lived a bad life but i am getting better at showing how i feel or have felt on things this group i made is to show ep who i am or maybe who who i was or who i want to be i say follow my group and see how far i came.


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Im sorry ry u could of tould me if that i mead u feel this why