Goodbye Sammiem

if your not sure who she is well i never talked about her you see she was my 2nd ex girlfriend friend even my best friend. She was there for me when i couldn't even love my self. As i think of it now it still hurts.
Maybe i was dreaming her but i know shes real. she was alone in life i loved her so much. She was a cutter a sad teen on the edge no where to go. Stop right now before you say down there she was not wroth your time she was just using u to get love. wah wah wah. yes i know crazy much. she one day disappered from me every mouth that passed got longer and longer then it was the holidays i was thinking yeah maybe she will get on to say marry Christmas or happy thanksgiveing or happy new years eve happy 2012 yeah last year 2011 year to. or no happy birthday  i was gonna be the big 20 i rememined her to not forget to leave a happy brithday email for me and she said i will not forget i have it set brithday comes everyhour i was seeing maybe this is the hour or this hour efore i went to bed i checked again no email from Sammie i was like thnking she said she would email me today she never lied not even once to me she was a honest girl i was like well let me email her to see if shes okay. i said hey where are you you said u would umm no reply then may of 2012 came there she was again after 6 long mouths for all i knew she was dead. She was not who i left 6 mouths before  no way she was my sammie she was like i know this make sound crazy but am Sam she asked whho i was to her  i felt so bad she said she lost her memmroy and wanted to see who i was cus i was in her contacts list i guess it said boyfriend or Ry my love who knows. or she got my note on a website Da the art website. i said i was her boyfriend dont u know who i am how could she know who i was hit her head  i tryed for a week or so to stick it out but i was causeing her pain in her head i said why not we just be friends then i wished her a happy brithday then few weeks later she said she was not doing well or weelling good here i am 7 mouths later and am saying RIP SammieM<3 2011 to may 2012
Sammieangel Sammieangel
18-21, T
Jan 9, 2013