Gay Or Not Boy Or Girl I Love Everybody

I am tired of seeing on the net gays must die or God hates gays trust me God loves everyone even them. God don't hate no one.
Stop picking on gays but not  lesbians what  makes  it  okay for girls to be gay but its wrong if a boy is gay. they didn't ask to be gay even they know its not right they go everyday asking why there this way why they have to be gay. they are kind nice people who still bleed red. still cry even laugh in schools there picked on laughed at outcasts. I love the outcasts.
i hear things like eww they are gay or they gross me out. and i turn my head in sadness could i be the one who said these things to them? i admit i had said these things i feel bad for it if you can say you love them 
Sammieangel Sammieangel
18-21, T
Jan 15, 2013