Riley The Cat Girl Intro

there is a girl named Riley she was a normal 15 year old girl.
one day she was walking home from a friends house and she felt a little pain but she thought it was her foot because she hurt it the other day. as she was going home the sun was setting  in a great color of reds and pinks. 
She gets home before the sun goes down and the door was open her mom likes to clean. 
"Hey mom am home am i late?" Riley said as she smiled.
Her mom was to busy cooking to notice  her Daughter standing there.
"Oh boy mom stew my fave" Riley said as she rubbed her belly.
"oh hi sweetie, Did you close the door?" she asked in a sweet voice.
"yeah mom it was getting cold." Riley said as she turned around. 
her mom jumps when she sees her daughter with a tail.
"What is it mom?" Riley asked with a confused looked. 
"Noting dear get the table ready." Her mom was trying to hide it from her kid. 
Riley set the bowls on the table and the spoons and siting down some cups.
"mom did you get a new chairs for the table?" Riley asked in a cool look. 
then her mom brought the stew to the table. "Yes i did you like?' then she sat  down. Just then Riley sat down and she yelled out in pain she kicked her foot. "Ow my foot" Riley said crying. 
"oh sweetie did you hit it?' her mom said as she ate. 
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Jan 19, 2013