Wish Homer Simpson Were My Dad

*sigh* I'm having a hard time with all this joyous father's day/daddy's little princess bullshit. It seems everywhere I look, there are happy families whose patriarch isn't a rageful, narcissistic, abusive sadist. Like my father. He's still alive; we're estranged and tomorrow will be a little hard on me. I want to say I'm over it, but things~silly days like this, even if they're designed to sell cards~ really salt the wound.

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8 Responses Jun 17, 2007

i'm down for both clubs; the anti-father's day and anti-valentine's day clubs! neither one promote any true sense of self nor do they propagate anything truly meaningful. it's all about money - thanks Hallmark! BASTARDS! i like the new father's day card by apix about the PTSD!!! omg - hilarious!!! i sooooo relate. you know ... this last weekend was the first one to come and go that i never even gave thought to either my father or my stepfather ... perhaps due to the medication/anesthesia from recent surgery or perhaps i'm healing? either way i'm greatful.

The dark hearts society, xD

I hope we all feel this way about V-day. I'll join that club. :)

The new "Hallmark" line-Thank you, dear father for the PTSD, xD

Yeah, a "my father's an ******* day" would be interesting and quite appropriate for some people.

We can have an anti-father's Day party!

Musichead, I get that. Why does it make *you* feel guilty, though. Not to pry, but it doesn't seem you have done anything wrong. We don't get to choose our family, which is why I picked Homer, :) I hope you feel better. I think it's stupid, too. Another way for Hallmark to sell sappy cards.

i agree. i hate the "father's day"s, bc it just means so little in my fam. all my friends have all these happy, family lunch and gift giving stories on what they did for their dad, cards on the fridge, yada yada. but i never have a story. raises questions in my own head about WHY? f's d makes everything me feel strained and guilty, dammit. why do parents even need this kind of day? its stupid... :P