My Dad Liked His Biscuit

I bought my father a biscuit at Hardee’s. I love him very much. He loved his biscuit and asked it was homemade. I told him, “no,” that I had bought it at Hardee’s. He said, “Oooooh! They make good biscuits!” I know he likes biscuits from Hardee’s, so I figured I would get him one on his special day.

We sat at the table in silence, enjoying the moment as he used his good hand to feed himself. Hardee’s biscuits are kind of oily, so I also got him a napkin from Hardee’s. I wish Father’s Day could happen more than just one day a year. I know I would make Hardee’s alot of money if it were that way. So long as my Dad liked their biscuits, I suppose.

He has been feeling down since he had his legs amputated and has to depend upon me to take care of him, bathe him, feed him, etc. I thought maybe he would like a biscuit, seeing how the leg thing and the anniversary of my Mother's passing really had him feeling grumpy and depressed.

I wish that Father's Day was not on the same day my mom died. It really destroyed his life – with the wreck, her death and eventually losing his legs. It was the least I could do to help him feel better.
DaddysLittleBoy DaddysLittleBoy
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3 Responses Jun 18, 2007

this story sound like the Taco story ... Coincidence?

I enjoy a good biscuit myself every once in a while. Do they still make the raisin cinnamon ones? THE BEST

That's a nice story. I'm glad your dad enjoyed his biscuit. It doesn't have to be father's day to go to Hardee's. =)