Sorry For the Perspective, But-

Who the hell actually cares that he ended his own life on a selfish drug binge?

Since 1st of Jan, 27 US troops have died and 374 Iraqis.
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Nah I'm in UK here, we're screwed in a different fashion- we already have the supra-national EU entity sucking away our sovereignty.<br />
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Theres a great demand all around the world at the moment for one simple message, one which quite a few people in western society have forgotten about: Liberty. <br />
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When we're free, with small constitutionally limited government, less secrecy and a sound monetary system, the world would be a much better place to exist.<br />
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I would love to export my skills safely to a country in desperate need of them, to help them develop. Theres a real opportunity in the future, for when governments have seized back control of the monetary system for the benefit of the people to start looking at sensibly honouring citizens who choose to share their skills with the world.

I find it shocking that you say there will soon be a draft in your country.. People need to stand up and make some noise... We wern't happy with old johny Howard here in Australia & i am so gladd we voted his a*s out at our recent election.. Us needs to take note and do the same...

Sorry, it wasn't a selfish drug binge, I apoligise for that.<br />
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It was a prescription drug- undoubtably pushed for and unregulated by pharmacuetical industry.<br />
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Soon enough there will be a military draft in America and people who are unwilling to go and fight on the behalf of their country will be forced to do so.<br />
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Sucks huh? Needless war :(

how hypicritical are you!!! In one hand your being totally arrogant to the loss of a human life and on the other your preaching about soldiers in a war.. What makes one life more or less important than the other. There is no confirmation that he took his own life.. And even if that were the case this does not make the pain of losing someone any less, particuarly if you want to compare it to those who willing invaid another cultures country all for a piece of the oil pie...

he had a family and young daughter that will never know her dad. my heart goes out to all the soldiers family and also goes out to heath Ledgers family. have a heart, death is bad know matter who it is.

Oh, Rabid, you cynic! :)<br />
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Death, in general, is just sad sometimes.