I Lost My Cat..

 Just about two hours ago my Mom brought my darling cat Fizz to the vet. He was so sick. He smelt, cried and shook. I felt sorry for him because he was very sick;(. I loved him so much. I had him since I was 3 and im 12 now... He would be 10 next month. Anyway.. My Mom didn't come back with Fizz and he had been put down.. I sobbed and sobbed on the stairs.. With his twin sister, bubbles and my dog Molly.. On top of that I have the flu, a bad one and I was off school today..Also I will be off school tomorrow..Tomorrow is my birthday :(.. Im really upset because I miss my Fizz sooo much.. He was so loyal .. I just want someone to talk too.. I know he is in a better place but I still want  someone to talk to. My birthday will be sad, since I have the flu and my fizzer is gone ;(..


Thanks Guys..

Much Love Rachel..x

devaney devaney
13-15, F
Feb 22, 2010