Sometimes I'm Just Sad

I took care of my husband for five days while he had the flu.  I waited on him hand and foot while I worked from home.  Now that I'm sick, he's nowhere to be found.  I was out of town all last week for work and to see my family.  We haven't seen much of each other for two weeks.  Now he's trying to find any reason at all to not be around. 

Before you say anything, he's not cheating on me.  I know that for a fact.  He just doesn't want to have to take care of me.

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3 Responses Feb 26, 2008

You sound like me...always there to see what I can do to help. I am sorry that he is acting this way and hopefully he will start to realize what a wonderful person you are. Husbands can make us so sad sometimes!!

How sad.<br />
I have a biopolar wife whone needs my help constantly.To me this is not a problem as I love my wife and do everthing I can to make her life better.<br />
I think you husband has some growing up to do.<br />
The way he is acting is very immature.

He's a man, he's too stupid to realise that you need looking after. All he can see is that you are grouchy, complaining and keep going crook at him. Of course he just wants to get away from you. <br />
Tell him you need looking after in a caring way and he'll come around. We're a bit stupid you know. We see most things on the surface not the causes below.