Not A Story For The Faint Of Heart

My story begins 17 years ago.....

I met my wife and was madly in love with her.
Her parents forbid our union and on Christmas day as I am in the basement of her parents house wrapping up a dozen long stem roses with the wedding rings attached with a bow my future mother in law swore she would never let her daughter marry me and if she did she promised to get us divorced.

Now this woman is a work of art as she suffers from a clinical anxiety disorder and has out bursts of mental and physical violence. This should have been my first red flag but my too be wife was nothing like her or so I thought. The psycho dealings with that family - they have money and put on an amazing front! Behind closed doors mom calls the girls ***** ****** and *******! If provoked enough she starts hitting and grabbing.

Any way we elope and my new wife becomes pregnant. They drive the 8 hours to where we moved and kidknap my new bride and unborn child at needle point (both parents are RN's). When they take her back they have her go out on adage with a guy friend of my wife's that swore he would marry her and get rid of me. Later on her mothers swears they had sex that night. My wife denied it but would never look me in the face.

After that my wife was never the same. She started taking on her mothers personality and as time has done its terrible march over the years. I worked hard got my degree and busted my tail to make a good life for my family.

About 8 years ago I hit a brick wall after I had friends of mine tell me agin my wife was cheating on me (I heard this off and on through the years). Any way my self esteem and my self sanity left me wondering if all women where like this so I went looking to get hooked up (not to date and defiantly not sex but to talk only) I needed to know if I was crazy and had a skewed view of reality. Maybe she was right.

Needless to say I learned that no I was not off base but what she was doing was left field.

Now through the years I used web sites (all kinds from chat rooms to dating web sites for plutonic only) to meet women to just talk too. I am always up front with them because I need a good sounding board and also the day may come I need to walk after the kids are grown and I need my self confidence to survive that hit.

I worry about not being a good person and am I doing the right things.

In the last 8 years she has started treating our two daughters almost as bad as her mom treated her and I live in a loveless and sexless marriage where I am constantly judged and put down.

So happy to find this board as I really need to keep my sanity after her latest bf last fall and never know what I am getting hit with at any time.
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1 Response May 9, 2012

Sounds like "borderline personality disorder". Google it, read the symptoms and see if it matches. I was married to one such lady for 4 yrs, she just about drove me crazy. They cannot be fixed - so live with it, or get the hell out! I got out, thank heavens.