I Am A Sad Sack

I wake up feeling sad these days. I never used to. I am not sure if its my health as I have a few unresovled issues their at the moment or whether its my mother as she has recently moved near me & she is mostly sad or angry.She had a stroke & has depression from that or its dealing with my children who all have problems right now or if its that I have had to give up employment for the last 2 years & study for nursing which i had barely started , to take care of 1 of my kids.I supported my partners careers & then having less years for me I started to study & work now my certificates are old & I'm afraid of going back out in the work force & complacent, I don't have the passion but I have the opportunity to start parttime work again as my son is becoming more independent & then I may be able to go back to study again too but i'm 49 now its not too late I hope I want to do nursing.
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I know how you feel, I am 32 and starting nursing, its scary! After this coming semester I will have all the pre reqs I need, but this has been so hard-I literally never went to high school and so I was missing a LOT of education. I have wanted to do nursing for a long time but have been scared of the time and effort it takes. One day I was like man, time is going by SO SOO fast. Just do it, really, just do it. Time is flying, dont waste it! It motivated me that I worked with an elderly woman in the hospital as a CNA, and she told me that she worked for 20 years as a CNA before she went for nursing when she was above 50. She said she wished she had not waited so long, but look she still did it!! The best advice I can offer for family stress is to cut family time to a minumum and exercise. With your mom you can leave if she becomes angry, if she wants your company she will learn to control her anger. My mom has, and beleive me she is one angry chick. Take care

wow what an inspirational & positive story lots of sound advice there thankyou so much

Sounds like you are being burdened by the weight of thinking of others. Set some time aside for some relaxation for yourself, time to focus on what you want from your life. Set small goals and enjoy acheiving them! Best wishes :)

I am glad someone noticed I will think on your advice thankyou