~I don’t even know if this is the right group or not, I just need to throw this somewhere out of my chest~


I have been feeling very lonely lately.  I have no friends, I thought I had a best friend but she turned out to be a selfish person who only cares about her feelings and when it comes to my feelings she always believes that I over react or act like the victim.  I’m not a perfect person, there were times where I screwed up things with her but I always come to my senses and say sorry to her, but she never once said sorry to me when she acts all rude and moody with me.  In fact, she sends me messages insulting me, cussing me and telling me that she doesn’t care about my sh!th anymore and she has lots of other wonderful friends that she cares about.  Those messages crush me and tear me apart.  I thought she was sending those messages because she was upset or in a bad mood, so one day I pretended that I didn’t read the message she sent me and she said “it’s your choice whether you decide to read or not but I want you to know that I wasn’t over reacting and I meant every word of it”.  I feel so worthless; she has lots of negative effects on me, she made me go so depressed that I started doing stupid things to myself, I can’t even admit to those things because they are so stupid.

Everyone including my own family and teachers think we have a perfect friendship. She makes me very sad.  The reason I feel lonely is because she is not there for me and I have no other friends which I can count on and talk to. I honestly don’t blame her for not being there for me since I’m the kind of person that hides their feelings and pretend that everything is alright because I simply don’t trust others and I’m sure that others have their own problems that they need to deal with. I thought about ending my friendship with her but it’s hard since I have her in all of my classes, five days a week.  Therefore, it’s easier to put up with her attitude but it’s killing me. 
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You need to get a new attitude. The "I don't give a ****" attitude. If people are rude to you then they don't deserve your time.

I don't have the idgaf attitude. That's just not part of my personality X'D

It helps though. I used to be the same then I just gave up caring even though they were good friends. They weren't worth my sadness/time. I wont surround myself with lame people that can't even call/text to see how your doing.

Maybe but still. Knowing some1 for so long and then giving up on them isn't right. It's just one friend, a very close one friend. We stopped fighting lately and we became closer. So I don't have to worry about that I hope so yay!

Your friend is a selfish one. If I were you, I would find a group of people or a friend whose going to give me lot of positive reaction on things.

I know, I should work on that x) anyways, thnx for commenting.

hi read ur story...samE here goin thru similar situationzz but believe...dnt let ur self at all......ur the best...n believe......ur frend did so as she wasnt the ryt person fr u...u stiill have the bestest person to *** in ur life,,,,njy n have fun

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give it some more time do not text if she wants to be friends she will get back to you.

tried that already x) anyways, thnx for commenting

all in good time. and we lose one friend and make new friends, so do not worry to much about it

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It's fine ^^ thnx for stopping by

*hugs* <3

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just sharing the love :P

right XD

never be alone....the depression is a monster that will consume you...stay around positive people.. ;)

ofc it is a monster x) thnx for commenting

you're special in ways that you haven't even discovered yet

yh we r all special somehow ........... thnx for commenting

Hey there .. I don;t know how old are you but my advice to you is to STOP worrying about what people say specially her. Time is going to pass and you will meet some real friends that will make you feel good and supported and without knowing it ... that friend of yours will fade away from your life ,,,<br />
Be strong ! good luck

Thnx I appreciate your comment ^^