I'm sad I'm alone I have no friends I'm 20 have no job am not in college yet I'm very shy and nervous around people...I just need someone to talk to...I have so much bottled up...hate being alone it hurts so much..but I'm not confident enough. to reach out for people...I wasn't always alone I had friends but then I moved and I just shut down..I didn't even try to make friends I just gave up..I'm scared that they might mock me I'm scared that they'll see how boring I am..I'm scared that thwyyl reject me..I'm so scared of rejection and humiliation this fear of thse things has kept me from doing so many thingsim scared all the time I'm scared of rejection I'm scared all the time bit I'm so tired of being scared all the time..but this solitude hurts so hurts so much..but this fear is to big to deal. within so scared all the time but I don't whant this but this fear is so strong and power full that I feel to weak to try and face it I'm to weak to deal with it and I'm scares this fear will never leave me...sorry if I don't make sense I just wanted to get this of my chest
scaredchick scaredchick
1 Response May 8, 2012

It is sad to hear how painful your lonely you are. I have teh feeling that you mistreated in the past, That could explain your fear of rejection. But the past is over and you have to try tovercome your fear of others. You are a specail person and you have to believe that down deep yo have teh strength to over overcome your fear of others. You are never alone. Thee are many others who feel left and alone. ou just have to find someone you can trust to share your feelings with. Your whole life is ahead of you. Don't give upo on friendshitp. Nest time you look inot a mirror youn can look into your eyes and see your inner beauty. If you need soem one to write to I am here for you. i wish you the best for you deserve it.