Stupid Me

Today has been one of the lowest points in my life,because of my lack of honesty i have messed up one of the best things to happen in my life..
I am normally an up beat person who dosen't let things get me down my friends always tell me i have a great attatude to life,becaise i take everything in my stride..
I met the most wonderful lady i could ever hope to meet,i'm one of those men that truly beleive in true love,but have never been able to finf it,this woman i met was everything i ever hoped to find in a woman..But i ****** it up and know i don't know what to do..i was listening to some music today,Neil Young i love his song's had not listeneed to him for a loooooong while.and then that song lonesome me came on i listened to it and i felt so ****** off it had to go out..some times i think why do i make my life so difficult,and the only answer i can come up with is i deserve it.....
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4 Responses May 11, 2012

Sassysprite's comment was unjustified and I hear what you are saying,we all express our emotions when writing them down differently.<br />
Chin up mate,I hope you meet someone new who will make you happy.

Maybe its because you come across as rude

I agree with the peach. Don't give up! Life's too short to hesitate.

yes your right..i'm trying.cgeers friend