Smarter, And Therefor Lonely?


My name is George, I live in Holland and I'm 17 years old.
Recently I joined an art school, I did not like middle school as I found people naive and I was tired of people who think it's cool to spit on the ground.
I'm highly functional and I sing and play Harmonica.
I love to improve myself in any way.
However I have a big weakness..
I find it hard to have conversation with random people. I just find that most people are unworthy to talk to because they slack at school while I try to make the best of my work and assignments. I think people judge too fast and I think the way that people talk about others is disgusting.
I'm very picky when It comes to finding a girl.
I want to know if she makes sense, isn't typically one of those people who go out on friday and talk on monday about how drunk they were and how they fell off tthe stairs and put a firecracker in their cats arse.
I'm very troubled and Insecure, yet my vocabulary is great and I can make conversation really well. I have all the skills but not the mind to.
I dislike alot of people, even though I try to be nice to everyone.
I have a certain humor of irony and sarcasm, a certain way of expressing myself.
I never hurt anyone but still I scare people away with my smartiness (Is that even a word?) Even if I say so, I'm a pretty attractive young man and I have an IQ of 134. I have 1 real friend, and he's awesome and always there for me.
I'm 17 and I've never kissed, never had a real relationship but I really want to love someone, be intimate and have someone to fall back to, hang out with. And I have contact with the opposite sex, but that doesn't imply that I want to date that person.. It's really hard for me to find people alike. I'm a dreamer, a thinker and a perfectionist. I'm open for everyone and try to look at other people objectively before I judge.
Can anyone help me find a grain of hope here?

I might have forgot something but this is all I can come up with now..
Cheers, I guess..

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And probably no one gives a ****, **** me for thinking I'd find any sort of stabilisation on the internet..