My Family Life

Do my parents ever care about me,really? They're usually ok with me,but when they're moody they take it out on me and they're forever not pleased with me.At times, they will suddenly be very nice but at other times, they can be very mean and shouts at me fiercely even when I never did anything wrong.I admit that I am a bit clumsy and am always knocking into things.Today, I just accidentally knocked slightly and wobbled a bit before nearly stepping on my mother's glasses which she left on the bed and she got really angry and reprimanded me quite fiercely for being clumsy,but I didn't mean to do it. Out of anger, she even said the very words that hurt me quite a lot and wounded me :"That face of yours is so irritating!" . Immediately after she said that, I cried terribly and she mentioned saying that I was a baby.The reason I cried was that I felt I received little love,care affection from my parents, the parents that gave birth to me.I couldn't help my face, my face was created from their DNA(genes) and I can't change my face, though I wish I could! Then, sometimes, when they are feeling happy and joyful, they'll be ok with me, even hugging me and saying that they love me.
That left me feeling sad and lovely, even depressed at times!
I have nobody at home,that is my family life,the only consolation I have is from chatting with my friends on Facebook and playing games.I wish my life isn't like this.Why?Why?Why does my life suck so bad?:(:(:(

Candeee Candeee
13-15, F
1 Response Dec 9, 2012

these days my mom n dad often rebuke me because I don't earn much but loves my bro who is the breadwinner in our family. he earns hand full of money by selling gem stones. parents are so mean sometimes. nothing we can do but to be patient with them. this is life. move on. (: and smile.