I Can't

Someone makes one comment to me at school and I feel like breaking down in tears. I don't want to leave the house again, my self esteem is that low.
Sigh, I can't even bring myself to write out all of this
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13-15, F
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thank you guys aw

Trust me, you're brave. Have you ever read the voyages of Sinbad? Well in almost every voyage he would get stuck on some god forsaken island. With cannibles/mystical creatures etc. He would make it off the island (with some treasure) and this would leave a slight mark on his psyche. He would spend years enjoying his riches. But the time would come, the time when he was bored. And he would venture out into the dangerous world again, for another adventure. Bravery is doing something even though you're afraid.
And I think you're brave. What is it your life lacks? what is it that you truly want? Make a plan for it and then execute that plan.

unfortunately sometimes I know how you feel. My family is so hard on me and they make me feel like I am this horrible person and eventually when people keep calling you the same names over and over you begin to believe it after a while! I am here to talk to you if you need somebody. I try my best not to be judgmental and I will listen. Hope you are doing a little bit better. :)