Right now I'm crying because I feel like a loser. Both my older and younger brother have girlfriends but I don't have a boyfriend. I think it's cause I'm fat and ugly and shy and dumb but I just want someone to like me. I'm tired of being invisible because I'm shy. The guys I like are popular so of course they don't like me. I'm a nobody. I really just want to stop feeling like this. Everyone hates me, even myself.
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Hey you BeYOUtiful lol don't worry about what others say its others opinions that get shoved in to your head that's what makes you "think" your ugly. But guess what your not its what others say to make them feel better about themselfs. Your perfect just the way you are. Messege me anytime I'd love to talk. Don't ever give up! - hold on stay strong dream on

my goodness, such a useless fuss over a somebody. popularity is nothing but perception: what you think of yourself is what others will think of you. why? because your self esteem will always affect your appearence, the way you carry yoourself and such is what others will observe, which in turn determines what they will think of you. its as simple as that.
you want to be dumb and ugly? then so be it! but if youwould like to be adored by your public then act like you're worth liking

It's not what I think of myself everyone else thinks the same way. Today this girl told me I needed get my teeth fixed. Everyone can tell how ugly I am even if I acted like I wasn't.

exactly wat im saying, perhaps if u at least tried to think differently

What do you mean? Everyone's still gonna hate me even if I don't hate myself.

but its that kind of thinking that makes them hate you in the first place. you are beautiful, God does not make mistakes. keep that in mind and act like it

That's not what makes them hate me. They don't even know I hate myself.

they dont need to know because if its bad enough that u keep admitting it to yourself like this then they probably see it. wat u feel inside will reflect on the outside so uve gotta learn to love yourself

Umm k

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