Miss. Lonely

At 1st SORRY ABOUT MY ENGLISH. lonelynes is a terrible thing .im so lonely .im in highschool and i dot have friends cinse when i was 8 .lonelynes is killing me ....idont have with who ti talk at school or enywhere .when i was younger i was a happy ,healthy and friendly child ,now im the most not friendly person in the world and most lonely.i feel so sad and bad when i see people talking and staying with theyr friends and i ask god if this would ever hapen to me .u have no idea how bed i feel when igo to school and i set in my table and pass the whole day there stayng alone and just watchin the others .i was an excelent student and this year i was for a littlebit losing my year.eveybody looks at me like a strange girl,maybe they think that im crazy.i would never lose my hope that one day everything would change for the better and i would be a friendly person an i will make some friends .i have never done something like this , to share my story .im asking for any recomandion that will help me.nobody deserves to be alone and fell lonely..

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Jan 12, 2013