Bloody Struggle!

Shut the door and leave me alone, mum! Leave me and let me thing over my whole my life and decide what`s wrong and what`s right for me right now. I am sure you wouldn`t figure out what`s going on my mind right on now, so please go away and shut the door from the other side.

Tears rolling my eyes, they are burning my cheeks, I feel how they slowly reaching my neck and then go down under my t-shirt to my tinny breast. Who made me cry? You, your stupid attitude towards me or my stupid life? Life? Hey, you, ******* bastard if you hear me now you should know that you will regret of losing me more than anything in this world. Go away from my life and my mind! Go to hell and let fate decide the right punishment you deserve.

Whatever, please leave my thoughts and make me rest my 3 month piece of reminded life.

I want to scream like I`M DYING, but who cares, even you, who I trusted the most personal stuff to don`t give adman on all going on in my life?

So good to feel that with death all hurt and memories disappears and I will rest in peace…….

Do you remember I begged you not to leave me not to betray me? You did, you moved on leaving me and broking my heart, make it fall apart for millions parts.

Wish we could be together, still wish, stilllllllll……………

My heart like “Come back” but I`m trying to shut it up. There are two mines inside; one who foolishly keep believing that all things can work out for us, the other one protesting and persuading me to forget and move on. Who should I listen to? Who? Devil or angel?
SuriPokemon SuriPokemon
26-30, F
Jan 24, 2013