Nobody Gets Me

I learnt very young that life is hard and cruel. I am a troubled teenager and I know it I block people out and I have anger issues and sometimes I want to die. I don't attention seek, mostly I do the opposite and isolate myself because people don't know what to say to me and I found its easier to just stop trying. Trouble is I can't do it alone not anymore its too hard. I came on here to see if it was easier to 'talk' or if there are people who understand or aren't afraid to try. I feel invisible like I'm in my own world of sorrow pain and anger. I'm just alone on this planet.
Sophiesmiles Sophiesmiles 13-15, F 8 Responses Jan 25, 2013

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Sometimes you need to Soph Smash, to release anger. But, you have an older brother that cares about you. Great EP Friends here. And I will destroy anyone that tries to harm you on EP. But, you can always talk to me if needed.

You seem like such a sweetheart. Always know there's people here for you . You just have to push through that pain and you'll be stronger than you could have ever imagined . You are never alone <3

Thank you

Hi I will be a friend if you want

I have anger issues too!! It sucks

And you shouldn't have to do it alone...I've finally accepted I can't battle depression by myself, either and I have a counselor I speak with 1-3x in a month now and it's helped me understand feelings better and explore solutions though I've struggled to implement them...Humans are meant to be a pack-oriented species.

I'm still struggling to break a cycle of loneliness myself but the best advice I can offer you is to forge ahead as best as you can...

plenty of others like you, but they are lost in space too - I hope you can get some positive energy to get to a better place and then be able to help others lost in space too!

Awww anytime you need something you can count on me x

I will be there for you. Not because, you need me, because, I need you more. :)

I'm not much help at the minute :(

No problem. I still will be there for you.Although I hope, that one day you'll be more than just helpful. Till that day, I will help you with your battles. :)