a Few months ago today had been selected as what i saw as the most wonderful day of my life to be. Marriage. I love him so intensely but he doesn't feel such a love for me. I look back and i feel cheated and lied to, why did he ever engage me? well, move n. All has it's purpose . I trust in God. It's hard. it hurts. Though i know i'm not alone, God is always with us, i cry. I feel such console from Jesus, he is with us, feels our pain even more acutely than we do. He lifts my spirits. He tells me love is all, and we must love even when we're rejected. when grief strikes me, my mind veers to Jesus in the garden of the olives. In that moment of intense agony when the world turned on him. He who poured out his love to us. I see then how little my suffering is. I'm thankful i loved so intensely. He deserved my love for beauty and truth lies in him for he like all humanity is a work of God.
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1 Response Jan 26, 2013

You have great faith in God. I hope it helps you in your time of need.