Sadness That Hurts

Being sad is something I am really good at. Well, you learn with time . I have been sad for so long, that I am scared . I am scared of the thought that I may forget how to be happy again. I am sad that involves a smile plastered on my face. That’s the worst type of sad. That’s the type of sadness where nobody knows your actually a depressed soul searching for someone to rescue you from the hole that you are buried in. the rescuer need not be prince charming or even a dark knight for that matter, just someone who honestly understands , someone who listen and most importantly someone who cares.
mel15 mel15
22-25, F
1 Response Jun 8, 2013

It sounds like u have sorta the same problem i had when i was depressed. overthinking things. if you really want someone, the best way is to not think about it, go out, and it will happen.