Sad and Lonely

I broke up with my boyfriend of 4 years and I haven't met anyone that I like for the past 6 months.I'm sad and lonely

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whyd you break up?

I know the feeling...its hard to find a good boyfriend nowadays...
The last serious relationship I had ended horrible. The guy loved me and almost propsed to me and got me excited, asking me what kind of ring would I like. He then go promoted as a manger in Montreal, he left and stop texting was all a joke....
That was over a year ago, I have dated, but nothing worked. Just give it time, try to make friends, blog, I recently started to do that in this website, and have found support from strangers, and I have started to feel better, because not only do I feel lonely, but I also feel depressed...

My husband of thirteen years out of the blue told me he wanted a divorce. It made me phycially sick We have two children who i adore But i dont know how much more pain i can handle from him It has been 10 months since he moved out and i still want to die

My childhood sweet heart pased away 2 years ago, feels like yesterday, so painful. I met him when I was 5 years old & he was 7 years old. We where together for 16 years. I have loved him all my life. I cant believe hes gone. It dosen't seem real. I miss him so much. I miss his compainship & the feeling of planing a life together.....My life feels so meaningless & empty sad, so lonely

I really feel for you. I was with my ex for 7 years, we broke up four years ago and I'm still not over it. I haven't dated anyone since, it's just so hard and I'm scared to get close to anyone like that again. The worst part is that the lonelieness is killing me. I recently became interested in someone, but I'm so afraid to act on it, so here I am alone!

God do I know you pain!!

You're all so right,It's just that sometimes it feels like the pain will never go away,thank you all for your support,I feel stronger already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Four years is a long time, you might still be getting over the break up and not be receptive to anyone just yet, don't rush it, give yourself time to adjust.

Many of us are sweetie, That's what were here for...