Im Depressed

I am single mother of a 2 yr old beautiful boy im sad because dad is not around and feel lonely and feel the need of a companion.  My weight depresses me even thought im not obesse but thats what men usual looks at first.  Im feel depressed i havent finish high school and yet im thinking someday i will have to do it but WHEN? i ask myself and depresses me more, i want to bring up my son ahead in life and i dont have a profession.  A  lot of more things bother me.

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thr no need to rush u cn do step by step

Thank you im starting to like this site even more. I feel real support. I have to stay possitive.

Maybe you should get a G.E.D. . That's Good Enough ( Degree). Yeah, bad joke. Then, you can go to college. Maybe not Yale, or Harvard, but who needs those pretentious ****** anyway. You go to school girl. I have no job skills but construction, and not much there, either. I got lot's of skills working restraunbts. I now own my own company. I am also the only one who works for it. Such is life. If my business flounders, I will get a job at Burger King ( I swear to God!) And **** the consequences. I can do anything. Even work at Burger King.

Thank you!!

Oh thats so sad, i hope things work out for you i really do but keep your chin up. You may be going through a rough patch but there is light at the end of the tunnel believe me :)